Last Chance to Win a Prize and Help Me Out

Friday, February 26, 2010

Much as I hate pimping stuff, I'd like to remind everyone that you have 2 days left if you want to win this hamper of cosmetcis worth 100GBP:

Win this!

If you'd like to win this, then please do the following:

1. Go HERE

2. Enter this voting ID: EWA1260

There are 2 days left, so please, please pretty please help me out guys! If you've found any of my swatches helpful, or if you liked any of my posts, please do vote for me! I do spend a lot of time and effort swatching, and I quite frequently get told off/scolded/interrogated by salse assistants and counter girls for swatching...I get everything from "You're using too much tester" to "What are you doing?" to "Excuse me you can't take photos at all", so if you would like to show a little appreciation for me sticking out my neck to do these swatches, please do vote! You get the chance to win a prize, and I get the chance to know you guys love me! Awwww.

Every little vote does help to make my swatching trials and tribulations worth it, so please do vote if you can! :)


  1. hi! i adore your swatches and so i voted for you :D

  2. Just voted for ya. I love your layout sooo very much girl. :)

  3. voted, linked in my sidebar, following and i'll retweet later! hope you win! :D

  4. I voted for you! :) Goodluck!:)

  5. oh i love ur swatches.. i cant vote for u now.. but its never late to appreciate sumones efforts..


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