ArtDeco Power of Elegance Collection Swatches

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes, yes, late to the party as usual. But in my defence, I never knew ArtDeco existed in London, until I was kindly tipped off by LondonMakeupGirl told me that there was in fact, a store that sold ArtDeco in Covent Garden, just a 15 mins walk from where I live! So I happily went there, and they did indeed have an ArtDeco display! Oh joy!

And of couse, I took some swatches. These are from their Fall/Winter Power of Elegance Collection (I did say I was late right?). But I thought I'd put them up just in case someone still wanted them for reference purposes, and since my store still had selling stock of these. I'll really need to go back and take a look at the display again - the things they have are beautiful. Especially the eyeshadows.

What I have swatched is the eyeshadows, and a blush in the collection (or blusher, as the Europeans/Asians call it). All of the eyeshadows are just beautifully pigmented, awesomely smooth and oh-so-blendable. They're just like a cheaper version of Shu Uemura, only perhaps slightly more powdery. I'm in love. I don't think I need you anymore, MAC, Smashbox or Stila. I think I'm going to leave all of you and go exclusive with Artdeco. Well, just for the eyeshadows.

L-R: Eyeshadow: 51, 79, 272, 290, Blusher: 23

51 is a beautiful deep forest green with silver sparkle glitter. I kind of like the visual effect of the glitter here, but I'm not too sure about what kind of fallout you'd have from these types of glitter bits. This one was really pigmented.

79 is a pretty, pretty night-sky blue with silver sparkly glitter. This really looks like stars in a night sky, and I'd love it, if I wasn't so glitter-averse in my eyeshadows. Although I had to admit, I didn't actually have much fallout, surprisingly. But then again, swatching and actually wearing eyeshadow are pretty different, so I don't feel entitled to draw any conclusions just based on the amount of fallout I get while swatching. Once again, this one was super pigmented.

272 is a beautiful purply lilac, a light colour with some silver shimmer. This one wasn't as pigmented as the others, but it was decent. It showed up on me, and was nicely buildable. It could have been worse.

290 is a dusty purple. I like this one. You know I like greyed purples. LOL. It's a pretty colour, probably the most neutral in this entire collection, seeing how this collection (or what I've swatched of it, at least) is primarily made up of cool-toned colours. I guess it's in keeping with the seasons, but I personally feel 272 and 290, and the blush 23, are pretty much year-round staples. Actually, all the colours could be year-round staples - there's nothing that particularly screams out "seasonal!" to me in this collection.

And the blush, 23, is a very pretty pinky-plummy colour. I really like this colour, it's one of those colours you can sheer out or build up, and it really looks good either way. It's also quite well pigmented for a blush.


  1. The violets look really pretty! I haven't tried ArtDeco yet but they look good :P xoxo

  2. I've never heard of ArtDeco, but the colors all look super pretty!

  3. the lavender in the middle really stands out for me. i love that one. i also love 23. i guess that one must be the blush. :)


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