Barry M Lip Paints Swatches Part 3

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today's Barry M Lip Paints swatches consist of some of the prettiest colours in the line. We're looking at berries and reds. They also have kickass pigmentation! No wonder they're called Lip Paints. They're definitely the most pigmented lipsticks I've tried to this date!

Let's start with swatches:

L - R: Vibrant Pink 62, Shocking Pink 52, Punky Pink 145 (New), Cerise Pink 144 (New), Royal Raspberry 141, Pillar Box Red 121

I know I touched on Vibrant Pink 62 in the previous post, but I thought I'd just swatch it next to Shocking Pink 52 for anyone who wants to know the differences between the two. Shocking Pink 52 is a really eye-burning, show-stopping neon pink, and yes, it's actually a bit brighter and more pigmented than Vibrant Pink 62! Wowza. That's really neon hot pink to the max. If you're looking for that kind of lipstick, your search has ended. It's definitely cool-toned.

Punky Pink 145 and Cerise Pink 144 are both pinky plummy berries, and both fo them are my favourites out of the line - they're pigmented and bright, but also very wearable. They kind of remind me of brighter, more pigmented versions of MAC's Sweetie lipstick (which I love). Anyway, they look identical in the swatch, which is odd because in the tubes they looked a little more different. Cerise Pink 144 is a bit brighter than Punky Pink 145, but they're both in the same colour family.

Royal Raspberry 141 and Pillar Box Red 121 are must-haves for any girl looking for that red lipstick of confidence. I love Royal Raspberry 141, it's a beautiful cool-toned red. I really like this. Pillar Box Red 121 is a bright tomato red, and this one's for the warm-toned girls. Very beautiful. They kind of remind me of the various red lipsticks MAC has released over the years - Queen's Sin, Port Red...Only these are much more pigmented, and they're cheaper.

That's it for today's post on Barry M Lip Paints. Next time, we'll continue with the final swatches of Barry M paints, which include some very surprising colours! :)


  1. OMG They are gorgeous! and crazily pigmented! ^.^ Thank you for the swatches! <3

  2. These swatches you've been posting are lovely, a bit sad we don't get Barry M here or I would check out some of these products. I'm jealous of your photography skills, I can never get nice swatch pictures like you have been! :)

  3. wow, those colours are extremely pigmented and bright! the first four shades look quite similar to me tho.

    THough 52/62 are definitely irresistible

  4. Cool blog :)

  5. can't see the pic. pity

    1. @Theresa: Oops, looks like the photo exceeded its bandwidth! It should work again tomorrow, when bandwidth is restored. If it's still not working tomorrow, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.


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