Sleek Pout Polish Swatches and Review: Reader's Request!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AlexisAdella said that she was interested in seeing swatches of the Sleek Pout Polish, and of course I said yes! So I stopped by my Superdrug and I took a few swatches of these. The Pout Polishes come in only four colours, but they have some very pretty shades. They retail for £3.99.

The Sleek Pout Polishes come in large, flat pots, kind of like the MAC Tendertones, only that these are bigger, and more pigmented. And they also have a vaguely sweet smell that reminds me of chocolate. Yum. For those who like the MAC Tendertones, you'll probably like the Pout Polishes, and if you liked the Tendertones but was disappointed in the lack of pigmentation, then you'll definitely like the Pout Polishes, because these are quite pigmented for lip balms. Also they had a really nice texture. They felt moisturizing and not too sticky (I think they were a tad sticky, but not enough to put me off). And all of them have a nice glossy finish, with no weird glitter or sparkles whatsoever.

L - R: Pink Cadillac, Chocolate Kilss, Perfect Plum, Electrified Peach

Pink Cadillac is a pretty pink that leans a little to the cool side. I imagine this might be pretty popular among fair girls, since it's a very pretty shade of pink. There's not much to be said for this - it's pink, it's pretty, and it's got a cool name.

Chocolate Kiss is a beigey-brown colour that does sort of look like chocolate, I guess (it also reminds me of something else, but nevermind). It's a very brown nude. I don't really like it. But I'm sure someone with the appropriate skintone might like this brownish nude.

Perfect Plum is my favourite out of the bunch, and is the type of rosy, plummy colour that I love so much. I really really wanted to get this, but I have a thing about lip stuff in pots (I got rid of my Korres Lip Butters because they were in pots), so I stopped myself, but I do love this colour. It's a very wearable rosy colour that's not too dark, bright, or loud. This one is also has the strongest pigmentation out of the entire bunch.

Electrified Peach is a pretty, wearable peach that has some coral in it. It also has pretty good pigmentation. I like this one, it's a very pretty colour.


  1. I have Pink Cadillac and love it, it's very pretty! Electrified Peach is quite nice too but Chocolate Kiss looks, well rather nasty! I hope sleek come out with some nudey versions of these.

  2. Ooh the Pink Cadillac is gorgeous! Is Sleek by any chance available in the USA?

  3. I just love the Pink Cadillac!!
    I'm lucky you've found me, so I had the chance to see your amazing blog.
    Betty x

  4. Thank you so much for swatching. I'm lemming them even more now. :o) Thank you Thank you Thank you! (Even though my wallet hates you. :o) j/k) You take great swatch pics, I find this so hard to do... What camera do you have out of curiosity? TY!

  5. @Kelly: LOL, I thought Chocolate Kiss looked like a waste product, LOL.

    @Ashwini: Unfortunately Sleek isn't available in the US! But you could try ebay or get someone in the US to buy it for you..

    @Betty: Thanks! Glad you enjoy the swatches!

    @AlexisAdella: It was my pleasure! :) I have a really old camera's 3 years old or so. It's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX3 :)

  6. My fave would have to be the Pink Cadillac~ A sheer coat of Electrified Peach would be pretty too =D great swatches!

  7. Wow, those are fantastic swatches! They are all so pigmented. I'm very drawn to Electrified Peach for some reason. :)

  8. Wow! Pretty shades! And I agree, they're so pigmented.

    Lots of love,

  9. Electrified Peach looks nice, I've been tempted to get that one for a while now ^^' I just love lip products, a girl can never have enough of those!

  10. Want to eat them xD, love the pink and chocolate! <3

  11. I have the pink and the peach and I love them!! They are so pigmented and moisturising, sometimes even more than MAC tinted lip conditioners! nice review x


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