DIY Wearable Version of the Super-Embellished Libertine Fall 2013 Nails

Sunday, September 29, 2013

So after I went all out and blinged out my nails for my DIY version of the Libertine Fall 2013 look, I decided to try and come up with a more everyday-wear-friendly version of it. Basically, it didn't seem realistic to carry that much rhinestones on my nails, so I thought - what if I replaced them with glitter? And so, I proceeded to see how I could flatten out all the awesome 3D bling into a 2D version, while hopefully keeping the original look! And I eventually came up with this:

NYFW-inspired nail art - a much more wearable version of Libertine's Fall nails!

First, I had to choose the appropriate glitter. I thought of mixing various bits of glitter, but then I got lazy and settled on Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, which I've previously featured in this post, and as a jelly sandwich! Anyway, I settled on Lippmann Happy Birthday because it had the same multi-coloured, jewel-y effect that the original gemstones had.

Gold and Glitter Libertine Fashion Week inspired manicure 3
A 2D version of Libertine's NYFW 3D nail art, embellished with colourful jewels: here, sequins are used instead.

This was fairly easy to do. I used the same base, Collection 2000 Aztec Gold, and then I applied Happy Birthday in a dabbing motion, in order to control where the glitter ended up. I tried to place more glitter at the base and sides of the nail, mimicking the gemstone placement on the original manicure. And that's it!

Gold and Glitter Libertine Fashion Week inspired manicure 2
This embellished nail art just requires healthy doses of Lippman's Happy Birthday.

I don't really know how I feel about this look. On one hand, it's not a perfect replica of the original. Of course it wouldn't be - in my quest to translate a 3D look into a 2D plane, some of the look would be lost. But on the other hand, as a standalone manicure, it looks pretty rockin' to me. So perhaps it isn't too bad! And the overall look, although sparkly, is still quite demure-looking, thanks to the muted gold base. I can definitely see myself wearing this at my office!

Gold and Glitter Libertine Fashion Week inspired manicure 1
Multi-coloured glitter on a gold base - definitely fun but still chic.

I guess this look, while not quite as dramatically blingy as Libertine's original look, but this is still a great 2D version that captures the colours of the original. I think I might just wear this on my nails for a little longer! And just because I can, I'm going to end off with another photo of my awesome DIY nail art!

Gold and Glitter Libertine Fashion Week inspired manicure 4
Not quite like the Libertine nail art, but I'm loving this look too!


  1. This look is so fun and pretty! Would be great for a party I think.

  2. Awww...this is so cute! Love the background color and the colorful glitters. Great choice indeed!

  3. Reminds me of Shu Uemura's special Christmas packaging this year, manga not included. Nice!


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