L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Swatches + Chance to Win Prizes!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally, the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows have arrived again in Singapore, after being in other international markets for months and months. Well, we did get a few of them, limited edition only for a few weeks, before they disappeared in a flash, as soon as they came. (I tried to do the decent thing by providing swatches of the L'Oreal Infalliable Eyeshadows before they disappeared, but maybe I was a tad late.) So it's a good thing that they're here again, and we can all go crazy about them again. I know I am!

The L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows that will be making an appearance in Singapore are different from the ones we saw last time, and while the formulation is still the same - the smooth, pigmented formula remains, thank goodness - the colours we now have are a lot more pretty and complex. So I'd consider this a great time to get some, if you haven't gotten your hands on these yet.

I got to take a look at the colours recently at an event, and so I thought I'd swatch them for you. Of course you know I would. Do you guys know how hard it is to take swatches in an event? First of all, the lighting is usually crap. Secondly, not all bloggers focus on bringing back swatches to their readers at events. Some I know of prefer to dig into the food, suck up to the PR people, or gossip with other bloggers. And some take a lot of photos at these events, but not swatches, because if you swatch as much as I do, even the PR people will look at you funny. It takes a dedicated, swatch-crazy, maniacally-focused, screw-what-the-PR-thinks blogger to do actual work for you guys, when I could be eating, cultivating useful contacts, or just plain ol' hanging out. But I know you guys like swatches, so I make an effort for you guys. Aww. Can I get some points for effort, now? LOL.

Anyway, yes, swatches. Here's all of them at a go, I've broken up the swatches further.

loreal infallible eyeshadow swatches 3

There will be eight colours released altogether, and the colours span from everyday neutrals to deep, dark, smokey shades. All in all, there's something for everyone here. Let's look at the first four shades.

loreal infallible eyeshadow 1

Clockwise from Top Left: 002 Hourglass Beige, 004 Forever Pink, 005 Purple Chrome, 006 All Night Blue

Don't they look so pretty in their little pots? I know they've been dug into and all (sorry, I'm a messy swatcher) but the frosty, shimmery finish is great. Here are my arm swatches:

loreal infallible eyeshadow swatch 1

002 Hourglass Beige is a yellowy vanilla beige shade.
004 Forever Pink is a light pastel pink shade.
005 Purple Chrome is a gorgeous purple with a bit of blue duochrome. Me likey.
006 All Night Blue is a shimmery navy blue.

Next set, the smokier colours, including my favourites.

loreal infallible eyeshadow 2

Clockwise from Top Left: 009 Permanent Khaki, 012 Endless Chocolat, 014 Eternal Black, 015 Flashback Silver

I know, don't they look gorgeous? Right when I saw Flashback Silver, I knew it was going to be my favourite. It just was, because it's not silver at all, but TAUPE! Gorgeous, beautiful, silvery taupe. You know me, and you know I love a good taupe. Don't believe it's taupe? Let the swatches convince you:

loreal infallible eyeshadow swatches 2

009 Permanent Khaki is a olive green shade. I don't really call it khaki, to me khaki has more brown? But it's a lovely neutral green nonetheless. Very flattering on all skin types. This is my second favourite.
012 Endless Chocolat is a very nice deep neutral brown.
014 Eternal Black - ooh sparkles! Black with big bits of sparkly glitter. This one, you either like or hate, depending on your glitter preference. I think it looks like stars in a night sky.
015 Flashback Silver - A purply-silvery shade with a hint of taupe. There's even just the slightest bit of pink reflect in there. Obviously calling it "flashback silver" just doesn't do the colour justice.

There, now you know why Flashback Silver is definitely my favourite-st colour of the bunch. Nothing else just comes close. It's a very lovely silvery-purple-taupe shade, and while the shade definitely leans cool, I imagine some warm-toned girls could wear it too. I know I would so rock it happily.

Anyway, L'Oreal is running this contest where if you submit your photo of you wearing the blogger's chosen shade (in my case, this is obviously Flashback Silver), you stand to win prizes, the grand prize being a Samsung ST200F Camera worth $299. I normally don't do these types of contests (every brand has these "contests" and I get weary of them fast as I can't possibly be advertising every promotional effort for free), but I figure I'd put it up just in case any of you want to take part, since the blog reader (that's you!) gets to win the prize. So what to do to win the prize? Email me (my email is in the sidebar - go look and don't be lazy) a photo of yourself wearing Flashback Silver, and L'Oreal will pick a winner from among you guys. Simple enough, right? Your photos may also get posted on their Facebook too. Get your email in before the 10th of May.

Speaking of photos, here's a photo at me and fellow blogger friends at the event. You can only see my right arm, because my left arm is covered in swatches and is thus hidden behind my back. What did I say about going out of my way to make such big swatches for you guys? LOL.

loreal infallible eyeshadow event

L - R: Lynn, me, Minru.

Oh yes, at the event we also tried out creating face charts with the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows. I didn't take any photos, except for this Instagram snap (which you would have seen if you followed me on Twitter or Instagram), but suffice to say, it sucked. Big time. I don't think I can do face charts.

The eight Color Infallible shades are available at $14.90. If you haven't tried them out yet, I highly recommend them. We already know that they're very good in terms of pigmentation, staying power, and are generally very good quality, so I won't go into any more detail. But for the price, they're a really good buy, and this time round, they have some gorgeous colours too.


  1. You get 5 gold stars or your swatching efforts! I love swatches. I am in love with purple chrone and all night blue. I must learn to be systematic like you and swatch properly.

  2. great job! Thks for your efforts!

  3. Eternal Black and All Night Blue are stunning and right up my street! xo

  4. I bought ALL of them when I spotted them at Watsons! Didn't even try to decide which ones to get becoz I knew I'd want them all. MUAHAHA!

    My favorite has got to be.... actually I don't know... I haven't tried all of them yet. But maybe Purple Obsession and Endless Chocolate... I'm very warm toned and worried that Flashback Silver might be too cool for me. I'll try it anyway!

  5. i'm inclined to get Purple Chrome and All Night Blue! what branch of Watsons did you get them???

    1. @Mhean: I swatched these at an event, but they are available at most Watsons here in Singapore. Hope this helps!

  6. and thank you for the effort for the swatches, they are beautiful!

  7. way late to comment but i had to say "THANK YOU!" for making the effort to swatch the Infallibles properly for your readers! :) Cheers!...milktea

  8. wow I did not realize, the pricing is so different over there. they sell for around $7-8 here in the states.

    1. @Visceral Maze: Ah yes, that's one of the sad realities of living in this part of the world!


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