Holographic Zebra Stripes Nail Art with GOSH Holographic

Thursday, May 31, 2012

One of my favourite polishes of all time has to be GOSH Holographic. This was one of the first holographic polishes I ever got (before OPI had their DS line and even before China Glaze had their holos, I think), and it's still, in my opinion, anyway, one of the best. The last time I used this little baby was waaay back in 2009, where I raved about how GOSH Holographic was so awesome, so I thought I'd bring this little baby out for a spin!

Three years down the road, I'm still loving this polish! GOSH Holographic is a classic silver linear holo, and it's now discontinued (although rumour is that GOSH may be bringing it out again this Summer - I don't know, it's just a rumour I heard, and dates I've seen range from June to August). I was lucky to get mine from a Superdrug before it was discontinued, so I didn't have to pay ripoff eBay prices. In my last post I featured GOSH Holographic all by itself, so this time I decided to get fancy and do some konading.

I used Wet n Wild Black for the black zebra stripes, and the konad plate was M57 (although the M57 plate is so famous I bet some of you guys can recognize the plate from the pattern). For some reason, though, I really couldn't get the right lighting to take the photos (no direct sunlight), so I ended up having to make do with crappy indoor lighting. Sorry folks. My original GOSH Holographic post probably has better pictures, I'm ashamed to admit.

GOSH holographic zebra stripes konad 2

Anyway, GOSH Holographic can be tricky to apply, but I generally use 2 - 3 coats for this, letting each layer (base coat as well as each individual layer of polish) dry fully before applying the next layer. I think this is key to not having GOSH Holographic clump up on your fingernails. I've read blog reviews expressing lots of frustration at the lipstick, and I feel a lot of the frustration is due to not letting each coat dry fully. My old GOSH Holographic post also went into some detail on how to apply this pollish, so I won't belabour the details, but suffice it to say - let each coat dry fully before applying the next coat, and you'll get a great holographic finish. Some bloggers advocating using the GOSH base coat to make this apply better, but for me, either way, it doesn't make a difference, as other base coats work well as long as they're left to dry fully before applying the polish.

GOSH Holographic zebra stripes konad 3

Like all holos, this chipped on me fast - think the next 1-2 days. Holos never last on me, which is a pity, because I really love them. Anyway, this is a gorgeous little colour that is just so worth it. I know my photos suck, but I hope you get the idea of the sheer awesomeness of this polish. I really hope GOSH brings this colour out again, so more of us can have it!


  1. Nice :) I think its out on the 1st August, will be getting myself a couple of back ups for sure!

  2. i'm such a sucker for holos! even indoor lighting can't keep a good holo down, and the black stripes are the perfect complement. consider me jealous!

  3. Wow that's amazing!! They look so perfect like nail foils we have in our beauty boxes!!

  4. omg thats such a nice colour! i'm totally gutted it's discontinued!! i'll def be looking out for it this summer
    any similar ones you would recommend?

    Jess x


    1. @Jess: Off the top of my head, I cam think of Chanel Holographic, China Glaze OMG and Sexagon, OPI DS Coronation and Paris Couture for Sure. Some may be discontinued and some may have scattered holo instead of linear, but if you're looking for a silver holo, these are good ones to check out.

  5. Fabulous! Such a shame that it chipped so fast.

  6. Gorgeous! wow, I fell in love with this nail art. Creative!

  7. I actually got this nail polish today, it's sooo gorgeous! Definitely trying it soon:D


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