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Friday, August 20, 2010

As an Asian girl, I have the prerogative to be as kawaii as I want. Like, puke-inducing kawaii. Hey, I grew up with Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, and I even had a tamagotchi - what did you expect? I even had friends who followed those sappy Korean dramas (and I'm proud to say I never caught on to the Bae Yong-Joon craze...darn you, Winter Sonata and all your sappy spinoffs).

But this doesn't mean that kawaii can't be practical. If you want to see kawaii that is not puke-inducing and practical, check out my guest post at Zuneta now!


  1. I love those tweezers, I just bought a pair for a Kawaii addicted friend. lol

  2. Kawaii pwns! Lol it's my secret shame. I'm really addicted to K-Pop and J-Pop at the moment so yeah :P

  3. Ahh Sailor Moon....that certainly does bring back old memories...I wanted to be Venus because I liked her long golden hair, she was also the prettiest lol. Cute tweezers! :)

    Eye to The Keyhole

  4. I liked sailor mars.... :D didn't know those were tweezers.... guess thats the point..cute.

  5. I used to ADORE Sailor Moon!!lol

  6. i hearted sailor moon as a kid but wtf is kawaii?

  7. @Scandalous: Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute :)


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