Superdrug MUA Lipgloss Shade 4: Cheap and Awesome!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Superdrug MUA (the MUA stands for Makeup Artist) is a line of makeup launched by Superdrug, the eponymous drugstore line. The main attraction of the makeup line is that all its items are just £1. Yup, everything is just a quid! Of course, this means that there are hits and misses - some items are great, some are not so good. Here's one that I think is fantastic.

Introducing the Superdrug MUA Lipgloss in Shade 4. I picked up this little gloss when I stepped into Superdrug for a quick browse and got tempted. The Superdrug MUA line actually has two ranges of lipgloss, both called Lipgloss, but the colours in each line are different. The packaging is also different - one of the glosses comes in a squeeze tube, the other one, which I bought, comes in a hard plastic tube with a wand applicator.

Here's the gloss that I bought. I wasn't impressed by the other shades I swatched, but I did like Shade 4. so I ended up buying it!

Superdrug MUA Lipgloss

Here's a swatch of the gloss. Unlike the other glosses, which were just very sheer and glitter-laden, Shade 4 actually is a colour I really like. It's a deep rosy pink with fine gold shimmer. Very wearable, and very flattering on almost all skintones! Pigmentation was also very good, unlike the rest of the Superdrug MUA lipglosses. As you can see, my skin doesn't even show through.

superdrug mua lipgloss 4 swatch

And here's a swatch of it on my lips. The gold shimmer doesn't really show up on my lips, but it imparts some subtlety of colour that I really like. It would be suitable even for work.

superdrug mua lipgloss 4 lip

So that's my cheap and awesome find of the day! I certainy hope I'll be finding more gems like this!


  1. Looks good on you! :D I like shades like this :)

  2. Such a pretty color! Perfect for Spring :)

  3. Holy cow! Your lips look amazing :).

  4. Wow! I love that on you! Your lips look so perfectly luscious! I have to find a gloss that does this for me. :)

  5. Thats gorgeous! I don't have a superdrug anywhere near me but next time I am somewhere that does have me I think I'll be camping out in front of the MUA stand swatching for hours!

  6. Wow love the color, looks very pigmented. :)

  7. Wow not bad for the price, good colour and texture looks great too. What's the smell like?

  8. Love the shade.. so awesome.. Loving Your blog! ;)) I stumbled upon it while browsing blogs. Very interesting and awesome posts. Great Reads. I'm Marillyn from - officially following you now!! ;)) Please stop by sometime.. TY

  9. Lovely! The colour is gorgeous. I love MUA products :) xx

  10. @KennethSoh: It doesn't really smell like anything in particular to me. I think it's not scented.

  11. SO freaking glossy! I absolutely love it! :D


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