MUFE Sculpting Blush Swatches Part 1

Saturday, March 5, 2011

With all the Spring collections out lately, I have to admit I have been lagging behind on the swatch front. So here's my attempt to make it up to you by swatching something I know you'll love - MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Sculpting Blush swatches!

MUFE is one of those brands that take their makeup seriously. Most brands tend to be good in some items, but not so good in others. MUFE, however, seems to excel at everything - I don't believe there is an MUFE product that hasn't garnered raves, everything seems to be well-loved. Blushes (both powder and cream), lip products, foundations, concealers, eyeshadows...the brand seems to have it all.

MUFE's Sculpting Blush is a powder blush, and one of the relatively underrated products in their line. Here are swatches of some of the colours. I'm sure there's more out there, but this was what was available:

MUFE Sculpting Blush

L-R: 06 Fresh Satin Pink, 08 Satin Indian Pink, 10 Satin Peach Pink, 14 Matte Raspberry Brown

06 Fresh Satin Pink is a light pink with a hint of lilac. This is a cool-toned colour, and almost pastel (but not quite).

08 Satin Indian Pink is a pink in the same vein as 06 Fresh Satin Pink, only that it isn't cool-toned, it's more neutral, perhaps even veering slightly warm. Not a bad colour, I can imagnie this looking good on most girls.

10 Satin Peach Pink actually looks a lot more peach to me than pink. In fact, I'd say it was more orange than pink.

14 Matte Raspberry Brown is, well, matte raspberry brown. It's a neutral-to-cool colour, and I imagine this is MUFE's version of some NARS blushes out there (e.g. Exhibit A, Crazed and so on) - it looks scary in the pan, but can b applied sheerly for that rosy look. Of course you could also layer it for a very flushed look, too.

As you can imagine, the blushes were smooth, pigmented, and I don't actually have any complaints about them. The finish is also given in the colour name. The Satin colours have slight shimmer (nothing too visible once on the cheeks), while the Matte colours, as implied, are matte. I know MUFE doesn't come cheap, but they're actually pretty good quality if you don't mind spending the cash.


  1. Indian Pink and Peach Pink look beautiful! I'm ashamed to say it, but I've never tried MUFE. Maybe someday when I get a raise haha....

  2. The peach pink and the raspberry look amazing. WANT!

  3. 14 looks like it needs to make its way into my collection! Thanks for the swatches!

    Fierce Nerditude

  4. Oooh, so glad you swatched these! I've been looking for a good orange blush (in anticipation of the inevitable summer coral trend) and I think the satin peach pink is it.

  5. Ooh, I like the Satin Peach Pink!

    Kisses, Melanie

  6. i love their products, dunno why i haven't tried the blushes!!! the peach looks incredible, so beautiful


  7. Love the peach one!!!

    Following you now :D

  8. I love the look of 06, I really need to get round to getting myself some MUFE, thanks for the really helpful post :)

  9. Cute blog, you have lots of good tips on makeup. My favorite blush is Nars, but I'll have to try this one.



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