Natural Purple Eye Look with Zuii Organic: Swatch/Review/EOTD

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yes, now you can have makeup that's actually certified organic! Unlike other brands which use the "organic" slogan caarelessly, Zuii Organic is actually certified organic by not one, but two governments (the US and Australia). The last time I wrote about Zuii Organic, I was raving about their lipgloss. and going into a bit more detail about their certification, so if that interests you, do feel free to check out my previous post :)

Zuii Organic Floral Eyeshadow

Today, we're looking at the Certified Organic Flora Eyeshadows, which, as the name suggests, are also organic, and contain plant-derived ingredients - in this case, from Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile flowers. Cool, right? They have about 30 colours, which is quite a lot for a niche brand. I'm totally drooling over how Fawn looks, because from the website swatches it looks like it could be a taupe!

The eyeshadows come in a simple black plastic pots, with twist-off lids and a clear top to ensure that you can see the colour inside without having to open the pots.

zuii organic eyeshadow 2

All the eyeshadows have plant or nature-inspired names. The eyeshadows I have are Mustard and Blackberry, which correspond quite well to the colours of the eyeshadows themselves. Mustard is, well, a yellow-mustardy-beige (mustardy in a good way), and Blackberry is a deep red-based purple.

Here are swatches of Mustard and Blackberry:

zuii organic eyeshadow swatch

The finishes of the eyeshadows are a bit glowy. They're not shimmery, and they don't have big bits of glitter, but they're not entirely matte either. I quite like the glow, its makes the colours look a bit more alive and less flat.

Pigmentation for these is also on the moderate side - these aren't pigmented in one swipe, but can be layered for greater intensity. The swatches you see were a few swipes to build up the colour.

The texture is a little bit different from the usual eyeshadows. I felt like these were a bit harder than I expected, perhaps due to the formulation used to produce organic eyeshadows. However, these are still a lot better than most drugstore eyeshadows, and it's perfectly possible to work with them to produce eye looks.

To prove that point, here's an EOTD (Eye of the Day) with these two shadows.

zuii organic eotd

I really like how the EOTD looks. It's a look that adds some colour to the eye, without being too much. It's very wearable, and very pretty, and I think I could even wear a combination like that to work!

zuii organic eotd 2

Although the eyeshadows are not as pigmented as I imagined they should be, I think in this case it actually works out quite well to bring out the soft, feminine look that I was going for. I was also able tp layer the eyeshadows to produce different intensities of colour - so at the outer corner of the eye, the purple is more intense than towards the inner corner. I actually quite like it.

zuii organic eotd 3

The only downside is that girls who are really into very pigemented eyeshadows would feel underwhelmed. But for girls who prefer eyeshadows with medium but buildable pigmentation - think pigmentation like Chantecaille - then the Zuii Organic eyeshadows would be just fine.

zuii organic eotd 4

So do you really need this? Not if you're one of those girls who like bright, pigment-laden shadows. But if you do want makeup that's actually organic, or if you just want eyesahdows that are more wearable but still buildable for a more natural look, then these are worth checking out. Their website,, provides more information on their organic certification as well as product line.

(Product was sent to me for review. Review is my honest and complete opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Nice eye look! I love the idea of completely organic shadow! When you think about it, the idea of using anything NOT organic so close to your eyes is kind of scary...

  2. Blackberry looks like such a pretty purple :)

  3. I love the shape that you applied it in. The color is gorgeous on you!

  4. blackberry looks lovely, and i agree - buildable is sometimes better! especially for an everyday look! x

  5. I like the way you combined the two colors but I think I'd be disappointed with the lack of pigmentation.

  6. I love what you did with the bottom lashline! And I think buildable eyeshadows have their place in makeup stashes - I'm not sure heavily pigmented eyeshadows are the way to go all the time :)

  7. Ooh the purple is really pretty on you!

  8. Hey girl, thanks for the comment on my Inglot post! I'm looking at the INGLOT site and it doesn't seem that they have any stores in Asia (yet!). If you call up any of the stores, I'm sure they would be willing to ship you products, because I know they DO do phone orders. I totally understand your frustration though, because a couple years ago, I had a lot of trouble getting my hand on some of the products. I may be heading to Las Vegas some time in April, where they have 2 stores. If you'd like, I can take an order for you and ship them to you =)

  9. really beautiful!!! i love the purple color on you. please check out my makeup blog too when u get a chance?



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