Budget Beauty: Simple and Natural FOTD

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's FOTD (Face of the Day) has a budget beauty theme. I decided to try using the US$3.80 Love Alpha Summer Gradually palette I got recently to see how the palette would look on. Yay for cheap makeup!

Love Alpha seems to be a generic brand of makeup that is available through various cosmetic wholesalers, and I got mine from KKCenterHK. My experiences with them has been good so far - customer service is prompt, and packages arrive without delay.

I decided to go with a girly, more natural look this time round, since my previous EOTD was a little more intense. Here are the shades I used:

love alpha blush

The blush, despite looking really intimidating in the pan, actually applied sheer, and could be built up for more colour. So if you're worried about having too much colour on your cheeks with this palette, don't! It isn't as bad as it looks.

And this was the outcome. Not too bad, actually. Although I do apologise that you don't see enough of the eyeshadow, and see too much of my undereye circles.

I actually like this look - to me it's as simple and as natural as makeup can get, while still being pretty. Lasting power of the blush and eyeshadow was pretty decent. They faded after a few hours, but for $3.80 I'm not going to complain.

This palette would be pretty useful for occasions where you're not concerned with the lasting power of your makeup - for example, if you're just running errands, or dashing out for a couple of hours. It woudln't make sense to use your expensive makeup then, right? (Well, not to me, at least. Did I say I'm cheap?) So palettes like that would bridge that gap where you want to wear something on your face, but it's only just for awhile.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. This one's pretty! Looks really natural, especially the eyes :D Love the lips, too :)

  2. Love the natural pink blush!
    Just found your blog- I'm Singaporean too and I'm so surprised that there's such a well-written beauty blog by a Singaporean (there are loads of good Singaporean fashion blogs, but haven't found any good beauty ones with reviews etc). Will definitely become a regular reader! (:

  3. So pretty! The lipstick is gorgeous!!! And the blush is so pretty :D Budget indeed!

  4. The blush really does apply sheer :) It looks really nice on you though, and I love your lip color too.

  5. I like how simple and natural look and color scheme of your choice is nice, very nice, congratulations



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