Majolica Majorca Neo Automatic Eyeliner Swatches

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Majolica Majorca is a drugstore brand of cosmetics hailing from Japan, and is actually marketed as a subsidiary of Shiseido, a more upmarket Japanese brand of cosmetics and skincare. As a result, Majolica Majorca has gotten a lot of fans (you know, the whole "upmarket cosmetics for drugstore price" thing). That's not to say it isn't good, though. I think it has one of the better lineup of products among Asian brands.

Today's swatches are simple and short, featuring the Neo Automatic Eyeliner. These are liquid eyeliner in the form of a click-pen dispenser. Yes, a click-pen dispenser just like those Stila Lipglazes. That is rather unfortunate, in my opinion, because the liquid eyeliner tends to collect and harden up in the brush dispenser, and basically render the brush rather gunked up and useless.

Unfortunately I was only able to swatche two of the entire range. The rest of the testers were all gooped up, and it was impossible to get any product out of them at all.

L-R: GR555, GD833

GR555 is a gorgeous olive green with a metallic finish. I love olive greens, so this one is right up my alley.

GD833 is another lovely colour - this time it's a metallic gold. Not an ugly, brassy, orange gold though - this one is more of an antique gold that is very wearable.

Packaging flaws aside, the Neo Automatic Eyeliners are actually of good quality. The pigmentation is superb, and the staying power is also really good. I had to remove these swatches with makeup remover! So it's really just a matter of whether you'd like to put up with the fussy packaging. I actually really like the colours and the staying power, I'd be a lot more tempted if the packaging was more practical.


  1. Ah, so pretty! I'm loving the green. *o* thank you!

  2. Love the green! If I'm not that a red eyeliner I see up there? Wonder what that would look like?

  3. @Kee: yes, there is a red liner there! It's actually metallic red...not my colour, but interesting for sure!

  4. The yellow would be great in my wedding!

  5. Beautiful swatches--these are exactly the colours I'm a total sucker for.


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