Kiss Me Heroine Make Essence in BB Cream Swatch

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BB creams are makeup bases that have become extremely popular in Asia over the last couple of years. They make wild, grandiose claims about being good for your skin, with anti-wrinkle, whitening, blemish-clearing properties, but the ones that I've seen tend to feel like heavy, over-emollint, shiny tinted moisturizers. I kid you not. But still, they're hugely popular in Asia, so there you go.

Despite my personal reservations about the health benefits of BB creams (reading through the ingredients lists of most BB creams just makes my skin squirm!), I've decided to swatch a BB cream for today's post - just because I love you guys, and I figure even if I'm not interested in it, some of you might.

The BB cream swatched today is the Kiss me Heroine Make Essence in BB Cream. For people unfamiliar with the product, Kiss Me is the brand, and the rest is just gobbledygook in attempting to give the product a catchy name. Gotta love Asian brands - they always feel the need to over-name their products.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Essence BB Cream
L-R: Kiss me Heroine Make in Essence BB Cream applied heavily, then spread out lightly

The Kiss Me Heroine BB cream doesn't feel very much different from other BB creams I've seen. Heavy, oily feel - check. Lots of shine - check. Sparkles and discrete specks of glitter - check. The glitter is a major reason why I abstain from BB creams - I just can't deal with sparkle or glitter in my foundation products. I hate looking like a discoball.

The good thing about this, though, is that unlike other BB creams I've seen, the colour in this one is actually more yellow-based, which makes it more wearable. It has been my experience that quite a lot of BB creams run very pink, making them unwearable for most Asians. So if you generally like the texture, feel and pigmentation of a typical BB cream, but have been having issues with the colour range being too pink, this could be worth checking out.


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  3. it actually looks great blended out, i agree the yellow tone makes it more flattering. thank you for being so thoughtful and making this review! :)

  4. I agree w/you about the Asian names! Totally overnamed!! :p It looks great blended out!!

  5. Thanks for this!! I didn't know Kiss Me Heroine made a BB cream~ ooh, but yay for it being yellow based!

    (BTW, I probably don't want to know what are in BB

  6. i was curious about this. hmmm... thanks for this review! i think i'm passing out on this bb cream.

  7. Have you ever tried the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream? I don't think it's as you've described BB creams to be - it's not glittery nor oily and does wonders for covering my blemishes and making my skin look flawless. Hopefully it can change your mind about BB creams =)

    Just wondering though, why do you squirm at the ingredients in BB creams? I'd be interested to know since I don't know much about the ingredients and their effects! :)

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  9. @Joanne: A lot of BB creams have excessive amounts of silicones. Some use the more benign types (cyclomethicon, dimethicone), but most I've seen use the newer kinds which could irritate skin more (the ingredients ending in -xane, e.g. cyclopentasiloxane etc). Also, some BB creams have mineral oil, which could clog some pores, and a lot have ingredients like isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, and other similar ingredients which could also prompt skin reactions or clogged pores. Finally, some BB creams have ingredients lists that read suspiciously like normal foundations, except with a lot of silicones thrown in. That casts a lot of doubt on the supposed health benefits of such creams.

    Different BB creams have different formulations, of course, so some BB creams will be more clogging, and some will be less. So I'm not saying you'll break out from all BB creams. It depends on the sensitivity of your skin, and the formulation of that particular BB cream youre using. Hope this helps!

  10. Hi,

    I actually use this BB cream everyday and have to disagree with your review above. It is lightweight, non-greasy, matte finish, and has NO glitter or sparkly particles at all.

    Maybe they have recently changed their formulation? I bought mine last year in August.

  11. It has glitter? That's interesting...I haven't come across glitter bits in the ones I've tried but definitely not something I'd want either.


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