Wet n' Wild Blue Moon and Nailene Nail Art: Cheap and Awesome

Friday, September 24, 2010

Reading through my older blog entries, I realized I really love to use the term "like stars in a night sky" to describe makeup or nail polish - like you know, when describing a black eyeshadow with silver glitter, or a nail polish that's a blue jelly with glitter...I don't know why, but I guess it's just one of my pet phrases!

So in light of that, don't be surprised if I say this NOTD was inspired by stars in a night sky, LOL! But hey, it's a base of blue shimmer, and some really pretty star nail stickers with small gemstones! The base is Wet n' Wild Blue Moon, while the awesome nail stickers are from Nailene,(which, by the way, have a pretty awesome selection of nail stickers for cheap, and they're readily available at drugstores. I also really like their nail glue, and I use it whenever I have to fix a broken nail.)

Wet n Wild Blue Moon Nailene Nail Stickers

Anyway, I had no trouble at all with the Nailene nail stickers. These were easy to remove from the backing, were sturdy enough not to tear when subject to twisting from my tweezers, and stayed on until I removed them. A lot of people have issues with nail stickers, because they are worried that the nail stickers will fall off, but as long as you topcoat over your nail stickers, they'll be A-Okay.

The Wet n' Wild polish, on the other hand, kind of disappointed me. I loved the application, and the colour - oh how I loved the colour! - because it was a kickass deep navy blue with a unique green shimmer. But as is typical for WnWs, the wear really got to me, and it chipped the very next day. I was absolutely heartbroken!

If anyone wants to suggest a dupe of Blue Moon that won't chip as easily, I'm all ears!

(Nailene stickers were provided to me for review. I am not affilated/compensated by the company. This review is my full and honest opinion.)


  1. Too cute :) I haven't yet found a polish under $6 that doesn't chip. :P

  2. That nail polish looks lovely. Shame about the wear.

  3. I love the stars you added to your ring finger, haha.

  4. That looks really awesome! I love the colour and the little stars.
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  5. That is a gorgeous shade! It's a shame the wear is rather poor with some of the Wet N Wild line, good they are a bargain. Lovely Blog!

  6. gorgeous nails! i hate cheap polishes for that exact reason. no matter how beautiful they look, it usually only lasts a day until they start chipping. and i HATE chipped polish. however, i'm thinking about trying those nail stickers - i've never tried them before, but they look super cute on your nails :)


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