Sleek Curious iDivine Palette Swatches!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I know, I know. This post is already late. Sleek's Curious Palette has been long released, was LE, and isn't around anymore, or at least not in retail stores (you can still get it online in some places). However, since I had swatches for it, I thought I might as well put them up anyway. It might help someone out there.

The Curious Palette has a really odd name. Unlike other palettes which have more easily imaginable names (Circus, Acid, Graphite), I can't think of any colour palette that would make me say, "This has the feel of curiousity, alright!" Still, I think the colours in this palette aren't bad. There's a good mix of colours that covers almost all the colour bases.

Sleek Curious Palette

Top Row: Bright sky blue, mustard yellow, olive green, pinky lilac, burgundy brown, steel grey
Bottom Row: green-blue aqua, light colbalt blue, light teal-ish green, reddish copper, shimmery vanilla, black

First off, the colours in this palette are all shimmery. This is pretty much a shimmer-based palette, so if you don't like shimmer shadows, this probably wouldn't be your cup of tea.

Another thing I noticed is that the palette can neatly be divided into two halves - the right half, consisting of the top 3 and bottom 3 shades on the right, and the left half, consisting of the remaining 6 shades. This gives you a mini palette on the right that consists of mainly purples and various brown-ish shades, and a mini palette on the left that consists of mainly blue and greens. Pretty cool, huh? That nifty layout will definitely help someone who has trouble pairing the colours in the palette together.

I like the combination of colours, but I don't think anything is particularly unique, although I do love the olive green and the purple burgundy brown in the top row. Also, I'm a bit ambivalent about the four green/blue based shades in the left half of the palette - it kind of feels like a bit of a duplication of colour, even though none of the shades are dupes for each other. But still, I think this combination of shades, unusual as it is, actually works - I can definitely see colour pairings across all the 12 shades in the palette. And I like how there are some more neutral shades along with the brights, so in addition to doing a green and blue mermaid eye, you can also just do a simple neutral look with the palette, making it more versatile than it initially appears.

Quality-wise, the Curious Palette isn't different from any of the iDivine Palettes. It's my personal opinion that in general, the shimmer shades in the iDivine Palettes tend to be of better quality than the mattes, for some reason. The texture is just smoother, and they tend to be a little more pigmented. So since the Curious Palette is almost entirely composed of shimmers, this is one of the better ones in terms of texture and pigmentation. If you've liked the other iDivine Palettes, you'll definitely like this one.

Overall, I think this is one of the nicer iDivine Palettes out there, primarily due to it's versatility. Some of Sleek's previous palettes have never quite appealed to me (e.g. Acid) because they seemed only suitable for all-out-there bright eye looks, while others didn't interest me (e.g. Graphite) because the colours all looked rather same-y in the palette. I think this one strikes a nice balance between the two, managing both to have a decent diversity of shaes, as well as a combination of both neutrals and brights. The shades aren't particularly unique, I think this palette is versatile enough to be useful if these are colours you'd wear.


  1. I really like this palette though the name is really weird. Why the hell Curious? Maybe for beginners or for someone who's never used bold colours? You're absolutely right about the Graphite palette. It's the most uninteresting palette. I hardly use the greys. The only appealing shades are the purples. That's all.

  2. The US may have a lot of brands that other countries don't...but that doesn't stop me from being jealous of you guys having sleek palettes =O

    I like the 3 on bottom left and 3 on upper right =)

  3. Pinky lilac and green-blue aqua are my faves!

  4. Lucky! Wish we had Sleek palettes avaliable here!

  5. Maybe its Curious because they were inspired by Alice in Wonderland's colors? That's what the colors make me think of anyway lol


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