First Light Cosmetics: Golden Bronze and Storm Grey Swatches and Review!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last time I took a look at First Light Cosmetics' blushes, I said I loved them a lot, for the quality, colour selection, and sturdy packaging. I'm glad to say the eyeshadows are just as great.

I have two shades, Golden Bronze and Storm Grey. These come in the same sturdy packaging as the blushes - in plastic jars with firmly attached sifters and lids that screw on tight. Another thing I really like about First Light Cosmetics is that the jars are literally filled to the brim with product. Just take a look at these jars:

First Light Cosmetics Eyeshadows

They're packed all the way up to where the sifter jars are! I've removed the sifter jars so you can see the colour more clearly, but I sure had to remove them carefully to prevent product from falling all over. These are definitely value for money, no stinging on product here!

And swatches of both Storm Grey and Golden Bronze are of course in order:

first light cosmetics golden bronze storm grey

I know, I know, aren't they gorgeous?

Golden Bronze is, as the name describes a golden bronze that's actually pretty neutral in undertone. It kind of reminds me of Stila's Golightly, that famed colour, and while it isn't a dupe, you get what I mean - it's a similar brown with a hint of gold that's not so brassy as to be unwearable. I like this.

Storm Grey is such a misleading name. This isn't grey at all, but it's a GORGEOUS AWESOME BEAUTIFUL TAUPE. TAUPE ALERT HERE PEOPLE!!! I think they should have named this something Taupe or Taupe something, or you taupe hoors like me can just rush for the colour. Fortunately, my taupe-detective skills are now at such a great level after years of taupe hooring that just by looking at the colour swatch on the First Light website, I KNEW this was going to be taupe. I don't know why either - I think I'm starting to develop a taupe sixth sense. Eerie, right?

Anyway, Storm grey is a gorgeous beautiful taupe that's wonderfully balanced - not too much purple, brown, or grey. Just my kind of colour. It's not a deep, dark taupe (like MAC's Satin Taupe), so this may disappoint girls looking for a deeper colour, but it's a light-medium neutral taupe, kind of like Bourjois Brun Nylon. But you know me - I don't discriminate between taupes, and I love 'em all.

Anyway, if you haven't heard me rave enough Storm Grey yet, you so need to go and get it already, especially if you're into taupes like I am. And if you're not, then you need to check out their other colours, because if these two shades are anything to go by, then you're paying drugstore prices for colours that are worthy of a high-end brand.

(Product was sent to me for review. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company. This review is my honest and complete opinion.)


  1. lmao@ taupe alert.

    I have been ogling mineraly shadows for some time now, I should take the plunge but I need to use some up first.

  2. Aha, a brand I had never heard of, and it has nice taupes! Need to check that out :)

  3. Looks very good! thanks for the review...


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