First Light Cosmetics: Sundowner and Kohilo Blush Swatches and Review

Friday, September 17, 2010

I love it when smaller makeup companies make products that are just as good, if not better than, makeup from bigger brand names. Discovering these brands is just like finding a gem before anyone else has found it - sometimes, they're way cheaper, better value for money, and provide much better and more personalized customer service too! I don't know about you, but I really get a kick out of discovering these diamonds in the rough.

The latest one that I really love is First Light Cosmetics. They have a wide range of products - foundations, blush, eyeshadows, lip products - but I'm really loving their powder products, in particular the blushes!

Everything First Light does is really well done, even the packaging. The jars come with sifter tops, the seal on the sifters are stuck on (so no messy powder everywhere when you open your product), and the lid is secure enough so that powder doesn't leak out, and the containers are sturdy, and of really good quality. I really like that, because one of my fears of ordering mineral makeup online is that by the time it gets to me in the mail, the lids of the jars have come loose and the powder ends up everywhere (it has happened before!). But the packaging is really secure here. And to top it off, they come in this absolutely adorable little bag:

first light cosmetics bag

Isn't that cute? One of the things I love about niche companies is that they're often pretty creative when it comes to differentiating their companies or packaging. In the case of First Light Cosmetics, their little pouches bearing the company logo are not only cute, they're also made by disadvantaged women in Tanzania too!

But of course, you know packaging doesn't count for much if the product sucks. I'm glad to say it doesn't - in fact, I'm really impressed. Both Sundowner and Kohlio have both made it into heavy rotation in my blush stash. First of all, the quality is excellent. These blushes are very finely milled. I don't know how they do it - maybe they send them to Mars for milling or something (LOL), but the formulation is excellent. It's smooth, it's finely milled, and it goes on beautifully. Even the high end brands could learn from this!

Here's a close-up of Sundowner blush, so you can see that finely-milled goodness:

Here are swatches of both Sundowner and Kohilo:

first light cosmetics sundowner kohilo

Sundowner is a gorgeous plummy-pink blush, reminiscent of NARS Sin and other such colours. It also has a slight shimmer that isn't OTT at all. I normally prefer my blushes matte, but the shimmer in this is very glowy on.

Kohilo is a gorgeous bright neutral pink with shimmer. This is one of the more popular shades from their line, and I can definitely see why! This one will be universally flattering for most girls out there - I mean, everyone can use a bright neutral pink blush, right?

With wearable colours, good packaging, and an excellent formula, I don't think I have any complaints. If you're interested the the First Light Cosmetics website takes orders and offers free shipping on purchases more than 50GBP.

(These products were sent to me for review. I am not affiliated with or compensated by the company. This review is my honest and complete opinion.)


  1. I was sent Kohilo blush and I love it! I use it every day. It gives such a gorgeous glow x

  2. I love the reviews!

  3. They look great!

  4. Sounds great
    Just came across your blog!


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