Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara: Really Worth the Hype?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rimmel has brought out a shiny new mascara with the most tantalizing of promises - not only does this is this supposed to make your lashes look longer and lusher, it's supposed to contain ingredients that promote lash growth, thus making your lashes grow and actually be longer after 30 days of use! Just check out their press release, which has these grandiose claims: "Instantly, lashes appear up to 80% longer. What's more, with continued use, they look fuller, stronger and lusher – up to 117% longer after just one month. Don't want to wait? Well, take a look at this figure: Consumer test results show that 88% of women saw longer, lusher and more numerous lashes after 1 week of usage."

Rimmel Lash Accelerator

That's a tall claim, and you know I love a challenge. And indeed, with my puny Asian eye and wimpy lashes (you know, short, sparse, and they GROW POINTING DOWN. WTF), I do personally believe that when it comes to mascara, I am a tough, tough customer. I have a few favourites, but none that I can call my true love, and so I'm always fiending for the next new thing. So while the jury is still out over whether I'm going to see longer, lusher, or more lashes after usage, I can tell you if, as a mascara (instead of as a treatment), it sucks or not.

The packaging of the Lash Accelerator is in a nice slim black tube, with holographic print declaring the mascara name. The cap is green. The outside is really sleek and pretty. The brush is your normal brush tapered at either end. Nothing special, really. But of course, the special thing about this mascara is not the brush, but the lash-growing formula, right?

rimmel lash accelerator brush

First off, here's a picture of my eye, with no mascara at all. Try not to laugh, OK? I already said I had puny wimpy lashes! As you can see, my lashes are generally not my best feature. They're short, thin, and because I have what I like to call a "hooded lashline" (you know, when the lashline is covered by a fold of skin, much like the way some crease lines are hooded because they're covered by a fold of skin - it seems to mostly affect Asian eyes as far as I know), my lashes grow pointing downward. Thank goodness for lash curlers.

eye before

Because of my eye's, ahem, unique features, I end up being a very demanding mascara consumer. I want length. Lots of it. I also want volume, and lots of it too. Oh and did I say it also had to hold a curl? I don't particularly care if a mascara is waterproof or not, because my eyes aren't smudgy by nature, so I generally don't have problems with mascara smudging. Washable mascara's just fine by me, and it's easier to remove too. It just seems that washable mascaras don't hold a curl as well as waterproof ones, which is a perpetual source of sadness for me.

So, this demanding consumer, with excited, bated breath, held up the glorious wand which promised her lash growth and lengthening. And she applied the mascara, carefully, attempting to reach every last lash (hey, if it really does help my lashes grow, I'm going to coat every darn lash there is!). And this was the result:

rimmel lash accelerator 1 coat

Umm, okay. I guess the hype for this one had blown my expectations out of proportion, because as a mascara, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, It lengthened decently, and it volumized well enough, and it did hold a curl after a fashion, but honestly, I can think of other mascaras that worked better for me. It made me sad, it really did, because I was so excited to use it.

And you know what else? This is on the smudgy side for a mascara. I guess this has to do with Rimmel mascara formulas, which tend to be on the "wet" side (I have previously noted this when using Rimmel's Extra Super Lash Mascara). You can see in the close up photo of my eye that there are specks of mascara on my eyelid - those are NOT because I can't apply mascara properly, but they're there because when I opened my eyes after applying the mascara, it smudged onto my eyelid. And I don't even have oily eyelids. So when applying this one (as with other Rimmel mascaras), you might want to leave some time for it to fully dry before batting your lashes excessively.

Okay, the demanding consumer thought, unwilling to give up. So maybe one coat wasn't very impressive. But what if I pile on two coats? So she put on a second coat, and combed through her lashes with a lash comb (because you know, if you apply more than one coat of mascara it does tend to get a little clumpy and you have to brush out the clumps). And this is what she saw in the mirror:

rimmel lash accelerator 2 coats

I don't know. Are you impressed? I mean, it looks better, but it's two coats. Two coats, and a lash comb. If I'm really honest, I'd say I'm underwhelmed, especially after all the hype, what with Zooey Deschanel taunting me with her overgrown lashes in the promo pics and all (I hate you, Zooey, I really do). And you can see that when I opened my eyes after applying the second coat of mascara, it smudged onto my eyelid again - leaving behind more smudge marks. Sigh.

I'm heartbroken, I really am. I wanted to love this, but I think it's just eh-okay for me. Of course, mascara is highly subjective, so this might just work for someone else. And to be fair, every other blogger seems to be giving it a positive review except me. So maybe it's just me - like I said, my Asian lashes are very special and demanding. Only 2 or 3 mascaras out of the many I've tried have made me happy, and even then not "OMG SO AWESOME" happy, just "this seems to be the best I can do for now" happy. Seriously. Why is it that everyone likes this mascara except me?! *Groans and kicks dirt* Right now, I'm still using it to see how it works as a lash treatment, and I'll update on how it functions in that respect, but for now, the demanding customer's neverending search for a mascara continues.

(This product was provided for review. Yes, it was provided for review and I said it was just okay. So obviously I'm not affilated or paid by the company, and this review represents my honest and complete opinion.)


  1. Mascara never works for me, especially with my japanese-like eyes =.=' ..Nothing every holds curl for my lashes or lengthens them or remains smudge-free. I prefer falsies overall =D. X

  2. I have the exact same eyelashes as you--asian, straight, grows downward, difficult to hold a curl, etc. I was so hoping that this would work for you. I wonder how the lash treatment part of it will work though. If the mascara part of it doesn't claim to do what it does, then perhaps the treatment part of it won't work either.

    Aahhhhh, the eternal quest for the PERFECT mascara for asian eyes.

    Thanks for the review!


  3. Ugh I know your pain. I look for all the same things in a mascara. I'm not sold on this mascara either. The favourites I have so far don't give me omg amazing fat lashes but separate really well (it's a trade-off D:)

  4. Apparently apple super lash is a great hit with asian lashes

  5. Think I shall opt for something else instead of this for my next mascara!

  6. Thats disappointing...I won't be trying that one for sure!! You should really try Shu Uemuras Ultimate Expression Mascara, I PROMISE you'll LOVVVVVE it, I worked there for awhile and didn't find one customer that wasn't in love. :) its def a little more expensive though.



  7. Sad that this didn't live up to expectations. Have you tried Maybelline's colossal volume one, or maxfactor?

    Waterproof mascara are usually better as the formula is more dry in nature and can hold a curl better as well as preventing smudging throughout the day. I've tried many of the new wash off jap ones and gotta say.. they all flop =.=

  8. @miky612: I've never tried Maybelline's mascara (and in general I don't have good luck with them) but I did try Max Factor and thought it was not bad. And yup waterproof definitely holds a curl better, but it's such a PITA to remove, so I usually end up opting for washable :X

  9. Maybelline's colossal volume is really good for a drugstore mascara and Full N Soft

    Some mascaras to maybe try out if you haven't already (im a mascara hooker)
    Tarte: Lights Camera Lashes or Lash Hugger
    Origins: their primer is really good
    YSL: luxurious mascara (it works better after a couple uses)
    Prescriptives: False lashes--They have it back in stock on the site, i really love it
    Clinique: High Impact, Long pretty lashes

    And always try and use a primer it helps to hold curl better. I also sometimes layer mascaras, and get a good effect

  10. Well that's disappointing :( I really like Rimmel's Sexy Curves and VolumeMaxx (I think? the bright pink one...), but I don't think we even got this one over here in the US!

  11. OMG!! I was soo exciting to see this in the magazines and couldn't wait for it to come to stores. For one I am glad I read the reviews. I'm asian myself and been dealing with the straight wimpy downward lashes. And let me tell ya it sucks!!! If you guys ever recommend anything out there with a wow factor and gotta try it, please let me know too!!

  12. first i'll say, i'm also asian and i also have puny eyelashes! PLUS i have the hooded eyelid - which is pretty annoying to me. but anyway, i'm happy i didn't buy this after reading this review. i had heard some good things about it on youtube, but i still hadn't made up my mind enough to get it.. and now i'm glad i didn't! great post!

  13. idk i bought this product and wasnt happy at all either.. I dont know if it was just the one that i bought or what. I pulled it out of the tub and mess of mascara. I had to scrape the excess off the wand. Nothing but gobs of black goo every where. very disappointing

  14. *Exciting bright green packaging :D*
    I'm not Asian, however I do have quite short eyelashes and they get on my nerves! So when my faithful SexyCurves ran out about a fortnight ago, I decided to give this one a shot (I'm a Rimmel addict xD). I've only been using it for a week, but I DO think my lashes look longer (though I wouldn't say it's as dramatic an increase as the ads promised, but hey, it's early days yet). The main problem that I've found is that it looks a bit too full on for me (I usually go for a VERY natural look; people are surprised to find out I wear make up). I don't find the brush as good as my SexyCurves one, and it has an irritating tendency to clump your eyelashes together in twos or threes, making you look strange to say the least. I solve this by using my SexyCurves brush to go over them while the Lash Accelerator mascara is still wet, and that fans them out. Only time will tell if it lives up to its promises of a miracle growth spurt for my poor old lashes.
    I never buy the same mascara twice, but I think the one I'll go for next is the gold-topped Rimmel one I was looking at before the pretty green lid caught my eye :)

  15. I am very particular of mascaras. Since I am a flight attend I have to look the best I can. I saw on QVC and bought mascara by Prescriptives from Canada and let me tell you....I loved it! Does make your lashes look longer and darker.

  16. This was a really good post, and I can completely empathise..I have Asian eyes with hooded lids, so my lashes are short and point downwards too ): Plus the hooded part just goes over my eyelashes and it's impossible to stop them smudging before they dry. I've basically stopped using mascaras unless I can really be bothered to clean the smudginess off.

  17. After trying every possible mascara out there, Clinique High Impact is the best. Never clumpy and the brush is perfect for separating and defining

  18. I absolutely love it and I HAVE definitely seen a change in my lashes, both with the immediate length after the application and with the thickness of my lashes over the time I have been using it. I have been using it for a couple of months and I think it's the best, and especially because of the price! I've tried the more expensive brands, one (I don't remember the brand, just the price, $25!) and it was no where near as good. So Rimmel has a fan in me and I hope they keep making the Lash Accelerator!

  19. i tried looking for this at watson and boy am i glad it was sold out, after reading your reviews. I hate getting mascara on my lids but am curious about the lengthening claims

  20. This is very smudgy on me. I will not repurchase. I can't say whether it made my lashes grow.

  21. Oh no! That's sad that you didn't enjoy this mascara, I really liked it!

    Just stumbled across your blog via twitter and noticed you'd reviewed this mascara too! (see my blog for my review ;-)

    Nice blog, will follow x

    twitter: Clever_Rabbit

  22. I just bought it tonight in desperate need of any mascara and when I saw the packaging and all the good stuff it had to say on it I just grabbed it and left. But I was curious on what I really bought. Everything I looked up had been good (videos on youtube, photos, and blogs) but I'm asian and I stumbled across this one and am not even wanting try it now haha.

  23. I don't know if you can still get it, but bourjouis brought out a double-ended one a few years back now that has a white 'undercoat' to make lashes thicker and longer (it's like a slightly rubbery consistency) and then a black overcoat to go on top... maybe that's the direction you need to head in?
    Anyway, good luck with your search!!

  24. Me too I wanted to try this mascara. I'm using Rimmel Glam Eyes and it works quite good for me. But... even if I was appealed, at the same time I was a bit suspicious about this one. Maybe because of the claim, it seems too flamboyant. And after reading-seeing this I'm sure: I'm not going to buy it!

  25. Great review!Love the humor.

  26. I've used Lash Accelerator for the past 5 months.
    It worked great for me. I've seen a small difference within a month.

    Now, after 5 months of using it almost every day, my lashes are definitely longer and curly. I can notice the difference even without any mascara on.
    It took some time but IT WORKED!

    I'm amazed. I always wanted longer and fuller lashes but I didn't think I can ever get them.
    Great product, great price, amazing results.


  27. I duno if you ladies want to try something, abit more expensive but sure-work mascara.

    I got it from the Sephora online.

    Tarte Mascara works great.
    (MultiplEYE™ Clinically-Proven Natural Lash Enhancing Mascara ) US$24. But real worth it.

    Really coats well and waterproof.

    (I dont work for Tarte but I just bought to try and it worked, yippee!)

  28. I just used this for the first time today. I really was looking for my favorite mascara, Maybelline Pulse Perfection, but it has disappeared from the stores.

  29. I sooo much wanted this to work. Sadly after using it for two weeks there was very little lengthening, but a great deal of clumping and flaking. It took four q-tips to clean up the specks, and as the day wore on I noticed tiny bits continued to drop off the lashes. I've been a Loreal girl for a few years.I guess I'll stay with their telescopic, new million lashes, and voluminous, which all work very well for me.

    Susan Smith... bensalem Pa

  30. I definitely thought that you were right about the smudgeyness, but honestly I was REALLY impressed with how my eyelashes grew after wearing it for a couple of weeks. They are definitely a lot longer and there are a lot more of them. What I do is apply it and then pick apart my eyelashes with a pin so they're not so clumpy.

  31. Thank you for the review. I am also asian w/similar eyes. I am sooo picky when it comes to mascara. I find when i try different mascaras I'm usually disappointed. I particularly dislike the wet kinds that are smudgy. So far my favorite mascara is Max Factor 2000 calorie ( I like the straight brush in Rich Black). For me, it lengthens and thickens and it makes my lashes look 50% bigger. Its also the kind that dries fast and you don't really want to keep coating. They don't sell it in drugstores anymore so I buy it online and its like 8 bucks.

  32. Umm.. I have do disagree cause I have been using it and it takes a while for lashes to grow so you have to WAIT. It really does work there is only one thing bad about it it smudges.and yes I have the exact problem exept my lashes don't go downward.but there's a solution lash curlers!

  33. I just saw a makeup artis recommend this. You have to use it for 3 to 4 weeks to see improved lash length. I like it.

  34. I have Asian eyes and straight eyelashes, and unfortunately the Sexy Curves mascara did nothing for me, and the Lash Accelerator was only so-so. The only Rimmel mascara which has been okay was Glam Eyes. It wasn't as volumising as I'd hoped, but it did make my eyelashes look longer.

    I was also really REALLY disappointed with the new L'Oreal 4D mascara - TOTAL BS!!! It's probably the worst mascara I've ever used, and if you have Asian eyes, forget it! It's really expensive and totally not worth it!

  35. Your article was VERY helpful and informative. I was going to buy this, but not anymore. Rimmel's hair tools are awful. I don't know why I'd think their chemicals would be any different. Ty for sharing

  36. ive got those straight downward going lashes too..
    i used this rimmel mascara. AWFUL stuff. In fact I was ALLERGIC to it, and for me it flaked a ton! i was so mad I RETURNED IT, haha.

    btw, i looked up apple by apple but i cant find where to buy it, anyone know?

    1. @Heather: You can find Apple mascara on eBay. They're usually pretty cheap, about US$4 for one. Hope this helps!

  37. I am not Asian but I am blonde, and I too suffer from short, stubby, pin-straight blonde lashes. I've been using this Rimmel mascara for a few weeks now and see absolutely no difference in the length of my lashes. On top of that, it does not hold a curl even for a few minutes, and adds no length or volume. On top of THAT, it smudges everywhere. I hate this mascara.

    I just tried Maybelline XXL pro Extensions (the kind with the white primer wand on one end) and I really like the length and volume it gives! And because it's waterproof it holds a curl. Another tip I discovered for curly lashes is to heat up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds before you curl your lashes. It really made a big difference for me. Good luck on your mascara quest.

  38. I used it and my eyelashes grew about two times. Before the lashes can't be seen at all, only a little bit when I pull up my upper eyelids. Now they are quite noticeable when the eyes are normally opened. I've only used for about three to four weeks. It used to smudge, but once the lashes are longer, they don't smudge at all except when raining and sweating.


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