theBalm Pick Up Liners Swatches and Review

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Today's swatches and reviews are that of theBalm Pick Up Liners, a cutely-packaged set of three liners and a sharpener. These liners are REALLY small - they aren't longer than a couple of inches.

Each set has three liners, but I've just swatched them altogether because there were only 2 sets and thus 6 colours altogether. That, and I got mixed up as to which pencils were in which set :X

TheBalm Pick Up Liner Swatches

The pencils are all matte, and none of them have shimmer or glitter - which would appeal to some of us here. The colours are nice but boring basics, so these are good, but nothing to scream about. Sugar Daddy is a dark olive green, Ladies Man is a pretty navy blue, Casanova is a mid-tone brown, Lover Boy is a grey-purple, Don Juan is black, Romeo is dark grey. Like I said, nice but basic. Perfect colours for work, I suppose. I actually like every colour here except black (but that's only because I don't wear black liner).

These liners are relatively soft, and go on pretty well. Pigmentation is also pretty decent. Staying power, however, I find a little lacking. Maybe I've been spoiled by the Urban Decay 24/7 liners (I always say that once you use those you won't use any other pencil liners), but these seem to smudge off easily in comparison. Still, they're not all that bad, they just aren't wow-ing me.

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