Complete Sleek Blush Swatches

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today, we will be swatching and reviewing Sleek's entire line of blushes. That isn't very hard, because there are only 5 of them. Nevertheless, there are, as usual, some hits and misses.

First off, here are the swatches:

L - R: Pixie Pink, Flamingo, Sahara, Flushed, Coral

Pixie Pink is a matte pale baby pink, this one took a bit of building up to get the color intensity seen in the swatch. It's pretty much a very neutral pink, although I'm tempted to say it leans to the cool side just a tad. I'm guessing this one will be popular with the paler girls, who might find the other colours too intense for them. I'd say this is pretty much your universal pink, although I do imagine that it could potentially look chalky on darker skins. I like this colour, but it doesn't excite me for some reason - I mean, doesn't every other brand have their universal matte light pink? It's boring, but I guess it's a basic colour you have to have in your stash.

Flamingo is probably easily my favourite of the bunch. This one had good pigmentation, and I really like the colour. It's a peachy-pinky colour with a bit of red to give it that extra oomph, setting it apart from it's fellow peachy-pinks like NARS Orgasm. This one had a bit of gold shimmer in it, but I really like the dimension that gives. And the fact that this is my favourite says a lot, because I didn't even like NARS Orgasm. Anyway, I have a hard time deciding whether this is cool or warm, so I'm just going to say it's neutral. I do imagine Flamingo could be used on everyone, and I really really like it a lot.

Sahara is a rather orangey bronzed browned colour, and I'm having trouble picturing who would wear it, because it really leans very orangey on me (maybe it's just my colouring that pulls out the orange or something). It's very heavily orange and brown, even in the pan. This one is matte. Obviously, this isn't my favourite colour-wise, but someone else might like it.

Flushed is a red-berry colour, with just a bit of brown, and it sort of reminds me of a sort-of NARS Outlaw or Exhibit A, as it is sort of in the same colour family. I also really like this one, and with careful use it could probably work on most people, the emphasis being on 'with careful use'. I'd say this colour is a neutral, although it does lean a little to the warm side.

Coral isn't really coral at all, but a browned orangey red colour. I know the swatches make Flushed and Coral look similar but they really aren't (@#%@#% camera). Coral is a good bit browner, and a good bit warmer, and a good bit more orange, Once again, this isn't really one of my favourites, because of the inordinate amount of orange in it, although it has less orange than Sahara. This is definitely warm toned.

In general Sleek blushes had a pretty decent quality - they weren't fantastic and rivalling the high end brands, but they were certainly good for drugsore quality. In general, the lighter colours tended to be weaker in pigmentation than the darker colours, and Pixie Pink in particular was a bit weaker in pigmentation than the rest of the colours. Texture-wise, these felt alright. A couple of the testers were on the hard side, but most of them felt pretty decent. The packaging of these is quite cute, especially if you like NARS. These are packed in NARs-esque packaging, complete with black rubber case and little mirror inside, and rectangular pan of blush with no brush. I probably wouldn't rush out to collect these, but I do like the look of Flamingo.

On another note, Christmas is coming! Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Orange colored blushes looks very nice on women with dark skin

  2. pixie pink looks cute, not sure about sahara tho. Thanks for swatching these.

  3. oh wow flamingo and pixie are really pretty! thanks for the swatches

  4. I believe that Sleek Cosmetics were formulated for women with dark skin tones (African, Afro-American, Indian etc) and as such, they have a lot of colours that look amazing on dark, warm-toned skins but a bit scary on pale, cool-toned skin (like mine!). I can see Sahara looking fabulous on someone with golden-toned black skin.

    Thanks for swatching these. I wondered what they looked like on fair skin.

  5. I am Latina and find orange type buses go well on my skin tone and darker women also sometimes a little tint of it over areas some lighter skin tones have help's with other issues too, great post ty

  6. I've got Flamingo and Coral & love both of them. I actually don't find Coral has a brown tone to it on my skin at all. It's very much true coral on me & blends gorgeously with other peach/coral toned blushes.

    I do love the texture of Sleek blushes as well. They're much nicer than NARS, in addition to MAC blushes. I regret purchasing all of the NARS blushes I have. Total waste of money as they're really not that seriously pigmented or smooth, unlike much cheaper options out there. Sleek & La Femme blushes have completely turned me off MAC & NARS blushes. They're both much cheaper brands - La Femme are only $2.50 each and insanely pigmented, smooth & pure gorgeousness - and really, both brands are better quality than NARS & MAC in terms of cheek products. You'd never hit pan on the La Femme blushes as that's how pigmented they truly are.

    Thanks for the swatches as I wasn't sure whether or not I should pick up a few more shades. Sleek has had some other shades come out since the time of this post, which I'm also looking for swatches of. People are still selling them on eBay, even after they've been pulled from the company's website.


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