Sleek iDivine Palette 4: Storm Palette Swatches!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Today is the last day of our Sleek iDivine palette swatchfest!

And concluding this line is one of my favourites, the Storm Palette! Here are swatches:

Top row: Light neutral beigey tan (shimmer), Matte white (matte), Lightly browned beige (matte), Pale yellow gold (shimmer), Beigey peachy pink (shimmer), Medium warm brown (shimmer)

Bottom row: Medium ever slighly bronzed brown (shimmer), Greyed gunmetal blue (shimmer), Dark teal green (shimmer), Navy blue (shimmer), Cool brown (matte), Jet black (matte)

This palette is probably one of my favourites because it's so work appropriate with its browns, beiges, and pops of color. It's very versatile and lovely, color-wise. Also, most of the shades - particularly the shimmers - have really good pigmentation, and went on really smoothly, and the shadows were very soft. I also really love some of the colours, in particular the shimmery tan beige in the first row, it really looks so versatile and work-friendly.

However, like the Acid Palette, the few matte shades that were here in this palette were chalky and unpigmented, as my photo shows. The white, beige, brown, and black were all unpigmented and a bit chalky. Not very fun. It's a pity, because the shimmer shadows were of really great quality, and it just seems like their matte shadows aren't up to par. To be fair, there are worse matte drugstore eyeshadows out there, and these aren't THAT bad - but I guess after experiencing their shimmer shadows, I'm just feeling that the matte ones aren't really up to par, especially in the Acid palette.

This would have been my favourite palette of the entire bunch, but due to its lack of pigment, it's second after the Original palette instead.

So this almost-concludes my Sleek week! (LOL LAME, I know.) Tomorrow, I will do a recap of all the Sleek palettes! I also still have more great UK brand makeup swatches, from Sleek AND other brands, so stay tuned! :)


  1. Thanks for posting this! I just ordered this palette earlier in the week, so it's nice to see another good review for it. The colours are awesome--very neutral, but with the potential to va-va-voom them :).


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