Color Club Fashion Addict and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: KOTD

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hey guys! I'm back from X'Mas break and crazy laptop hard drive issues!

Today's KOTD is Color Club's Fashion Addict as the base with OPI's timeless LPAD for the flowers. Plate is M34 I believe.

Once again, excuse the frazzles, the pre-clean-up pics, and the general sloppiness of application - I'm so not a pro. I so suck at nails, but I promise I'm getting better. Slowly. Sort of.

Color Club Fashion Addict OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

I liked this, but it's not the most creative or the best KOTD/NOTD ever. I don't mind it though, This was 2 coats of Fashion Addict. Unfortunately the holo effect is rather weak on me - I don't know how other bloggers get their awesome holos to show on photograph, but this was under natural light in my room beside the window, and it doesn't look holo at all! I'm utterly crushed. Maybe I got a dud. Sigh.

I tried getting other pictures of this KOTD in other lighting, to see if I could get the holo to show up - warm light, white light, natural light, a mix of lights - and this was the best I could get:

Color Club Fashion Addict OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Don't you just hate it when holos aren't holo enough?


  1. I think it's positively gorgeous nevertheless, but I totally know what you mean!! I want my holos to be BLINGY!

  2. This is so sweet and romantic!! It's too bad the holo effect isn't as strong as other holo polishes... I wonder why that is? It still looks great though!

  3. Thanks Brooke! I've no idea why either..I bought it because I thought it would be holo! :( I like it, but I'm just disappointed at the lack of holo-ness. Maybe I got a dud.

  4. I really like it! Makes me want to buy those nail stampers XD


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