Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud: Why only in the USA?!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sally is such a ho! She just has to make one of her most beautiful polishes ever hard to find, AND she had to make it available in the US only as well, so people like me who aren't in the US have to beg, borrow or steal - or rather, CP, ebay, or OA. But anyway, this is an awesome polish.


Anyway, I know the whole of the blogosphere is already on it, bu did I say how much I love this thing? It has the most interesting duochrome ever:

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud

That's two coats of Opulent Cloud, and that is what it looks like most of the time under indoor lighting - a greyed blue, or is it a blued grey? With some sort of taupey-greeny sheen? Interesting! The taupey-greeny sheen becomes much more prominent when outdoors, when the sunlight hits it directly. Then you get very little blue and the entire nail looks almost taupe.

Here's a picture showing the gradiation change of colour:

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud

I know, I know. That is BAD. Polish overflow, frazzled cuticles, etc. That's why I put that warning at the top of the post. But it's there because unfortunately, this is the only picture I could take that fully showed the change in colours. Sadly, all my attempts at repeating the picture post-cleanup failed miserably. Sometimes some things only happen once, I guess.

But anyway, the gradiation in colours for this is so stunning. This is all 2 coats of Opulent Cloud, but each nail looks so different from the next! The last two fingers look grey-gold-green, while the index and middle finger look blue-grey-purple! I really love that duochrome, it really is very stunning! I really love the complexity of the colour, I can never quite decide if it's blue, grey, purple, gold, green, grey, or something else entirely!

Formula-wise, this is a little on the runny side - not annoyingly runny though. And it takes 2 coats to cover completely, and wear time is pretty alright. The colour is what makes it a real winner though! This is the first polish I might ever want a backup for!


  1. Wow - that is beautiful! And you have amazing nails, I'm jellz!

  2. WOW!! what a stunning and fun color!

  3. Wah! I have this but haven't tried it yet! Must move it higher up on the list hahaha. I have to say, it's not nearly as inspiring in the bottle!


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