Halloween Nail Art: Neon Orange, Purple and White Stripes

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween is coming, and part of the festivity means that a Halloween manicure is a must! This year, I happened to buy a neon orange nail polish, Illamasqua Gamma (which was also featured in a chalkboard manicure tutorial), and as you might expect, I couldn't wait to use it!

Halloween nail art - a very Halloween-y colour scheme!

I combined this with a purple, Illamasqua Baptist, and a white (a random LA Colors white striper, which was last seen in my Easter manicure), and I got this! I've been seeing this stripey design around lately, so I thought, why not try this out with some Halloween colours?

halloween nail art orange purple white stripes 3
Halloween nail art: orange, purple, and white colours.

This nail art was really easy to do, and if you know me and my not-so-great nail art skills, you'll know I'm all about easy-to-do-but-still-looks-nice nail art. And I think this really nails it! (Pardon the bad pun; I know, I know.)

halloween nail art orange purple white stripes 1
Easy peasy Halloween nail art that doesn't take up too much time to do, too!

I first applied two coats of Illamasqua Gamma, which is a really awesome neon orange, with a nice smooth application, much like other Illamasquas I have. Then I used a nail art brush (the same one I had from Born Pretty Store sometime back), and painted on the dark purple lines with Illamasqua Baptiste, leaving some gaps in between the lines. And then I added in the white lines with LA Color's whit striper. And tada, that was it!

halloween nail art orange purple white stripes 2
Halloween manicure this year - definitely easier than some of my previous years' manicures!

I really like this nail art, it's easy, simple, and Halloween-y! I think I should try this with other colours, for all the different seasons. (If this nail look doesn't excite you, though, then you can check out my other Halloween manis from previous years! There's a purple one with stars and scars, some scary-looking nails, and a cobweb design that kinda sucked. Take your pick, and have fun!)


  1. Gorgeous - it's gone on my Pinterest board!

  2. Gorgeous - it's gone on my Pinterest board!

  3. This is gorgeous! It's Halloweeny but not tacky, know what I mean? Like it's better than just black and orange. I might just try this out!


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