Breast Cancer Awareness Month Manicure: Pink Gradient Glitter Nails

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I thought I'd do a BCA-themed manicure because breast cancer is actually the 5th top cause of deaths. If you're in the at-risk age group (50 to 74), the best way to detect breast cancer is to get a mammogram once every 2 years. And as with all illnesses, early detection helps!

My BCA manicure that's pink, shimmery, and IMHO, awesome!

For my BCA, I wanted to do something sweet and simple and clean-looking. So I settled on a pink-on-pink gradient mani, using two polishes. The base is OPI Princesses Rule!, which is a silvery pink shimmer with a crystal-like look. The second polish is Etude House BPK001 Magic Kiss, which is a sheer pink base with pink and gold glitter.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month manicure 1
My Breast Cancer Awareness manicure: A base of OPI Princesses Rule! and Etude House BPK001 Magic Kiss

I first applied three coats of OPI Princesses Rule!, and yes I needed three coats because Princesses Rule! is pretty darn sheer although it's so pretty once it's on. After that, I used Etude House BPK001 Magic Kiss. Normally I would have just dabbed it on with the nail polish brush, but this time I decided to achieve the gradient effect by using the sponging technique (I use a small piece of kitchen sponge to dab some polish on the edge of the nail) for a smoother gradient effect. And that's the manicure you see!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month manicure 3
My BCA nail art: sweet, simple, and pink.

So that's my BCA awareness manicure. And remember, if you're in the at-risk age group, do get a mammogram once every 2 years. And with that, let me stop nagging you and end off with one last photo of my nails:

Breast Cancer Awareness Month manicure 2
Easy and simple DIY nail art for BCA month!


  1. Great aweaness post hunny. Love this polish looks great.


  2. I loved it too. It's flawless!

  3. Amazing mani :) Very beautiful colour :))

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  4. The manicure ended up looking really pretty! The gradient turned out really nice.


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