Welcome Blondie the Guinea Pig to Our Family!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hi everyone! Today I want to introduce you to the cutest little guy in my life, Blondie the guinea pig! He is the latest addition to our family, and he is already bringing us a lot of joy. Of course you know I like sharing my joy with you guys, so naturally I have to spam you with guinea pig photos! The photos are a little blur, because they're all taken with my iPhone, but well, you can still feel the cuteness emanating from that little guy!

As he's rather new, we are still trying to settle him in, and get him used to the sights, sounds, and smells of our home. He likes: lounging around in his pen (the cage we built for him was modeled on the cages recommended on this website), although we let him run round the yard too (he does try to go out of the yard and into the living and dining areas!

blondie 3

He also likes eating his Timothy hay and pellets, and fruits and veggies. He's quite picky about the hay. If it's all stems and no leaves or flowers (whatever do you call the blooming, flower-looking stuff on hay?), he's less likely to eat it.

blondie 2

He also likes being petted, and also being spoiled. Here he is having his first taste of papaya. We don't give him that too often because it's rather soft and mushy, but it's got lots of vitamin C, which is good for him since guinea pigs can't synthesize their own vitamin C and thus require vitamin C supplements. Fortunately, he likes to take his supplements (we get vitamin C tablets), so that's good.

blondie 5

Blondie is so cute! He has all these little cute mannerisms that make him adorable - the way he scampers around, the way he eats his food, the way he looks when he's curious, and the way he drinks his water. Everything about him is adorable! I mean, how can you not find that face cute?!

blondie 4

Anyway, I'm absolutely happy that Blondie has found his way into our lives! This is still a beauty blog, of course, but be prepared for potential Blondie posts in future! (I've already been Blondie-instagramming!)


  1. SOoooo cute. Those pictures are making me seriously think about getting one, or two for my children. They have been nagging me for one for a long time.

    Jules x

  2. He's so cute! Such an adorable little boy.

  3. very stylish hair! lol totally cute ;)

  4. What a cutie and I have to agree he has stylo hair.

  5. We have guinea pigs too. We did our research and found that these are social animals and really like the company of other guinea pigs. In Switzerland it is unlawful to own just one!


    When one of our pigs died last year, the other pig just sat outside his house staring so we decided to get a rescue pig and both are so much happier now!
    Hopefully Blondie will not be too lonely as he seems to be very well taken care of.
    Best of luck with these wonderful animals

    1. @Anonymous: Yes, we (meaning me and my family) did do quite extensive online research (there are quite active guinea pig owners on forums and so on), and we are aware that they like having the company of their own kind. (I suppose this would apply to other animals as well.) Here in Asia, pet owners seem less enlightened about their animals, so it's extremely common to find households with just one guinea pig only, in a store-bought cage too small, not being allowed any floor time. For us, we do try to keep Blondie happy - we ensure he has unlimited access to pellets, water and hay, has more than enough floor time, has company with him most of the day, and a variety of veggies. He does make the happy bubbling/purring sound when we play with him, so we gather he is generally comfortable and happy. We are undecided on a second guinea pig as space is a key constraint given the relatively small size of our apartment. We hope that whichever way it works out, he will be happy though!

  6. He's very cute. Congratulations!


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