MUFE Spring Technicolor Palette: Swatches and Eye Look

Sunday, January 20, 2013

MUFE is back with a bang for the upcoming Spring Season with their Technicolor collection - which I absolutely love! Most people tend to associate Spring with pastels and girly shades, but MUFE has instead put out a palette of brights!

Well, not quite brights. Actually, if you look at the shadows closely, you'll see that there are actually 5 neutral shades (black, white, brown, lilac, beige) that would fit in every girl's makeup bag, and only 3 shades are bright (green, blue, yellow). But make no mistake - every one of these shades is densely pigmented! All colours in the Technicolor Palette can find in existing range except the yellow - this was a special shade created by founder Dany, especially for palette.

MUFE Technicolor Palette

During the demo session, the "bright" shades - green, yellow, and blue, were used. It was quite amazing to watch the demo - although the bright eye look seems like it probably took forever to do, the entire demonstration was probably like 20 minutes. MUFE Eye Prime was used before putting on the shadows, to enhance the intensity of the look. Also, the Aqua Eyes Eyeliner Pencil was used to line the upper eye, and this line was gone over with blue eyeshadow to ensure it stays. More blue was added in the contour of the eye for a "night" look.

MUFE Technicolor Palette demo

If the palette of brights frightens you, a useful tip I learnt was how to make the bright shades more wearable. To do this, you can layer the shimmery beige shade over the bright shade to get a more muted, slightly more pastel take on the original colour. I did try this during the session, and it seemed to work - although why would you want to water down a perfectly good bright? :P

Now for my arm swatches! These are probably 3-4 swipes of product, at most. The palette is super pigmented. Most of the shades are matte - the special yellow shade created by Dany has some slight shimmer, but it looks matte to me when swatched. Also, there is a shimmery beige shade in the palette, that wouldn't show up because it was almost the exact same colour as my skintone! So I've drawn an arrow to indicate where I've swatched it. I swear it's swatched on my arm - you just have to look harder, LOL!

MUFE Technicolor Palette Swtches

So there you go, a great palette of neutrals and brights, radiating the freshness of Spring, with MUFE's uniquee bold and bright take on it. If you don't have any shades like these in your stash, then this palette is a quick way to cover many colour bases at one go.

In Singapore, MUFE is also offering one-to-one eyeshadow lessons using the shades and looks from its Technicolor Palette, and the cost is $30 for a half-hour session. One of the looks you can learn is the one created on the model. If you're interested, ask any MUFE makeup school coach for details.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


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