Face Shop Face It PP409 Nail Polish: Total Glitter Gorgeousness!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've been seeing photos of The Face Shop's PP409 nail polish online, and I finally decided that I absolutely HAD to have it. I mean - it's purple, and it's glitter, AND the glitter is multi-coloured and multi-sized! Awesomesauce! Turns out this is one of Face Shop's newer releases, perhaps for the upcoming season (I don't really keep track of Korean nail polish trends, I gotta admit...)

So I ran down to my nearest Face Shop store, and prompty bought up this little baby! There were only two left in the display when I went down, so I felt like I had really scored, LOL. I am proud to say I am now the new owner of my very own bottle of PP409! PP409 is from the FaceIt series of nail polish, so if you're buying online, take note that it's not this other Face Shop PP409, or this other OTHER Face Shop PP409 - do check the nail polish range in addition to the colour name! (If you want to know how some Asian brands name their nail polish and why this makes for confusing names sometimes, you may wish to check out the last paragraph of this post.)

face shop nail polish pp409 barry m vivid purple 2

Face Shop Face It PP409 is a gorgeous glitter polish - it's got a mix of lilac and blue glitter in various shapes and sizes, so if you're a glitter lover like me, this is totally right up your alley. There's larger hexagonal lilac glitter, normal darker purple glitter, and normal blue glitter, all mixed up in a clear base. The glitter isn't very thick, though, so this is really more of a layering polish - if you want to wear it alone, I imagine you'd need 4-5 coats for full opacity.

face shop nail polish pp409 barry m vivid purple 3

I layered mine over Barry M's Vivid Purple, which, while stunning on its own, really brings out the gorgeous glitter (I've previously tried out a combination of layering Barry M Vivid Purple with Orly Fantasea, and the results were fantabulous). I think a deep purple polish is the perfect base for PP409 - although I'm pretty sure deep blue (like navy) or black would also rock. Actually, you know what, I think a lighter lilac or even white would be reallly pretty, too, for a more ladylike, subtle look.

face shop nail polish pp409 barry m vivid purple 4

So there you have it - my current favourite nail polish at the moment! And it was less than S$10, too, so it was a great deal. Knowing The Face Shop, these may or may not be permanent (the shop assistant I bought the nail poish told me she thought that this shade was limited edition, but I could tell she was pretty clueless herself, so make of it what you will), so if you're keen to get a bottle, don't hesistate.


  1. So pretty! I have a huge thing for glitter polish and this looks amazing. Is it necessary to layer over another colour? Also, does one cost give that much glitter? Or would you need a few coats of it. Glad I came across your blog, it's a pleasure reading it :)

    1. @Missy Lois: What you see on my nails is one coat (and a little dab here and there where there were bald spots in the glitter). The coat I used was of medium thickness. You could definitely wear it alone without a layering polish underneath, but you will probably need at least 3 coats to get full coverage, which is why I chose to layer it instead. But since the glitter is quite dense, I'm sure you can wear it alone and acheive opacity. Hope this helps!

  2. Nice color.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  3. I adore The Face Shop polish although we don't get the LE polishes in Australia.

  4. such a beautiful polish!



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