Duochrome! Sally Hansen DVD and Nails Inc Belgrave Place

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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So you know the Sally Hansen HD Polishes I got awhile back? I finally gave those a whirl - seriously, it's horrible how much stuff I have, so much that I buy things when they are shiny and new and don't use them til a year later...But anyway, I'm finally showing you guys a mani I did with them, and it is awesomesauce, if I do say so myself!

For this mani, I used Nails Inc Belgrave Street as the base, and then layered Sally Hansen DVD. I won't go into how much trouble I had to go to in order to get the US-only Sally Hansens. Seriously, Sally, please release more interesting colours here too? I promise you'll have customers...Don't hate us because we happen to be living on the wrong side of the Atlantic. But anyway.

sally hansen dvd nails inc belgrave st duochrome 1

I absolutely love this combi. Belgrave Street is a blurple creme, which makes it the perfect base for DVD, which is blue reflects in a clear base. The net result is that my nails have this super cool blue-flashy glitter reflects thingy going on, and it even flashes pink at some angles. Super cool.

sally hansen dvd nails inc belgrave st duochrome 2

Anyway, shame on me for waiting so long to use these. I'm absolutely loving it though - it's like a super cool way to add some duochrome to a simple mani.

sally hansen dvd nails inc belgrave st duochrome 3


  1. what a gorjus colour of polish!

    Much Love,
    KlayerD xx


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