Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash: All in the Foam

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Japanese drugstore giant Biore has recently released its latest facial cleanser, the Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash. While the name might sound like something nice and edible, the Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash gets its name from the rich foam that it provides when used to cleanse your face - you know, white, bouncy, fluffy foam that looks like a marshmallow.

Biore's Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash comes in a simple white-and-pink pump bottle. The main selling point of this cleanser is that unlike other cleansers that you have to lather up yourself, this cleanser does the lathering for you - when you press the pump top, what is dispensed isn't a liquid or a gel, but foam. While the feature of foam might seem a little superfluous to a some people (I mean, after all, whether it's a foam, liquid, gel or solid, as long as it cleans, it cleans, right?), Biore has marketed the Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash as giving the consumer a superior cleansing experience precisely because of the foam.

When I received the press information and images from Biore PR, it also included some data about how the finer foam cleanses better, although I have to admit, personally I am a little skeptical - I mean, molecules are molecules, and it's not like having it come in foam form will help it penetrate the skin better, right? But then again, I'm not a dermatologist or a cosmetic chemist, so what do I know. But I kid you not - Biore is serious about advertising the foam. Here are some promotional images courtesy of Biore PR, and they're all about the foam:

First image: foam, and it's cute and anthropomorphized, too.


This press image below is meant to emphasize the fine, bouncy, fluffy texture of the foam, and the fact that it is solid, serious foam; not that drippy, bubbly, watery lather you make up yourself in the bathroom with your stone age gel cleanser. It doesn't even drip when you hold it upside down!

kao biore marshmallow ad 2

And of course, how can you sell anything without a pretty face:

kao biore marshmallow ad 3

(All promotional images courtesy of Biore PR)

Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering how my experience of the product compares to the images in the ads. So here we go. First of all, does the Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash really foam like Biore claims it does? Here's a photo of the foam, straight out of the pump. Yup, I gotta admit it does actually come out all cute and white and fluffy looking (it doesn't have a cute face or a pair of wings like in the ads though, LOL). And I actually tried turning my hand upside down, like the second promotional picture, and it really doesn't drip. This foam is pretty solid.

biore marshmallow whip facial wash foam 1

The Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash is meant to be used pretty much like any other cleanser - apply to damp skin, massage, and rinse with water. The foam has a nice luxurious feel when applied onto your skin, and it feels very cushion-y and pillow-y. Once you add water and lather up however, it pretty much looks and behaves like any other foaming cleanser. You have more bubbles and more foam, but when you wash it off, it feels pretty much the same as your typical cleanser.

biore marshmallow whip facial wash foam 2

The Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash does live up to its expectations of really cleaning your skin. I did feel like it really removed the gunk from my face, and it even removed my light everyday makeup (which consists of concealer, loose powder, and blush - yes I do wear that little makeup on a daily basis. I suck, I know.). I thought it was impressive that it removed some light makeup, as I wasn't expecting it to do that. However, although the product is marketed as giving your skin a good clean without leaving it feeling tight or dry, my skin was still left feeling a little bit tight and dry, but not as bad as some other cleansers I've tried. Then again, I do have sensitive skin, so it may be less of an issue for other people.

One thing I'm curious about, is whether using any other liquid cleanser would produce such an effect. After all, the Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash is really just a liquid cleanser (with plenty of surfactants thrown in to generate the foam) inside the bottle, and it's the pump mechanism that turns it into that special fluffy foam I see on my hand. I'm extremely curious to find out whether any other liquid cleanser with a good amount of surfactants will produce the same effect. After all, hypothetically speaking, if it's the bottle that generates the foam, not the liquid, another cleanser with a similar formulation should work too, right? I haven't tried this out yet, but when this bottle finishes, I'm going to try it out with another cleanser, just to see how it fares.

biore marshmallow whip facial wash open

Oh, and Biore, one little thing I'd like to have a word with you on. It's about the advertising. You know how you emphasized that the foam has collagen and camellia sinesis leaf extract? I couldn't help but notice that those ingredients are the third-last and second-last on your ingredients list. I love you, honey, but I couldn't help noticing it. I'm sorry, really. (And as my skincare fanatics will know, collagen in topical skincare products doesn't actually penetrate the skin anyway - it just sits on top as a moisturizer, which gets washed away when you rinse the cleanser off.)

biore marshmallow whip facial wash ingredients

Anyway, if you like foaming cleansers, lots of lather, and want something that cleans your face and removes most of the oil, the Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash would really be a product that would be up your alley. I liked the look and feel of this product, and I feel that it is probably one of the most cosmetically elegant foaming cleansers in the market. But other than the novelty factor the foam brought, I didn't really feel like it was very different on my skin as compared to most other cleansers. Still, the ease of use, the foam, and the strong cleansing experience will probably make this product a winner for other girls out there.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. I've tried the pump with another liquid self-foaming cleanser (this Aveeno brand from the US) and it does not make foam as luxurious as the Biore. The Aveeno in the Biore pump was an improvement from the original Aveeno pump, but it still wasn't as fluffy as the Biore liquid in the Biore pump.

  2. XiaXue and Qiu Qiu both have advertorials on this product - it looks really interesting! Need to pick some of this up when I'm in Asia! Wonder how it works with the Clarisonic....

  3. The name sounds so...delicious haha.
    Glad to hear that it actually takes off makeup as most foam cleansers are quite useless in that department!

  4. I'm curious too whether or not it's just the pump that makes the liquid so foamy. Let us know if it works on other cleansers!

    I've seen similar types of facial washes at the Japanese markets...but never got around to trying one for myself. Glad this one worked out for you! :]

  5. Oh wow, i've seen this being advertised on all the singaporean bloggers I follow :O Is this product really worth the money? And how much do you get in the product? I have the L'gere foaming cleanser .. it works pretty well.. but not as well as how you're making this sound =DD

  6. It sounds so cute and amazing!! <3 I wanna try this marshmallow face cleanser too <3

  7. This is the best and most honest review I've come across for this product. Thumbsup to you, you won a fan.

  8. Love you! Its always hard to find an unbiased blogger review!

  9. Thank you for such a great review, including the ingredients. I'm addicted to buying beauty products, but it's SO HARD to find ingredients for them! Awesome review, I think I'm going to skip getting this, since I know those ingredients will just dry out my already dry skin. Thanks again!


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