Solone Gel-Like Smoody Pencil: Eyeliner and Eyeshadow in One

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I think I've found something that is just like the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencils - the Solone Smoody Pencils! Solone is a Taiwanese cosmetics brand, (not Solone the drug, or Solone the place in Ukraine - man, Google sure does enrich my general knowledge!), and the Smoody Pencils are one of Solone's star products, and has won some awards here as well.

The idea behind the Solone Smoody Pencils is that you can use them either as eyeliner or eyeshadow. And also one of their selling points is that they dry fast, and are advertised as drying in 30 seconds flat.

solone gel like smoody pencil 2

The pencils themselves are long and slim, and are double-ended. One of the ends is, of course, the pencil tip itself, and the other end is a blender. The concept is that you can use the pencil tip to line your eyes, and if you want, colour your eyelids in with a Smoody Pencil, and then use the blender to blend out the colour for an easy smokey eye.

solone gel like smoody pencil tip

Here's the blender tip. It's a tiny sponge tip, good for blending in tight areas. This is why the Solone Smoody Pencils are so popular - the selling point is that you smudge, blend, and go. These pencils are supposed to give you a foolproof eye look, either day or night.

solone gel like smoody pencil blender

Here are swatches of the three colours of Smoody Pencils I have - Peach, Jade and Stardust. These are all gorgeous colours, but Jade is my favourite - it's not quite jade in colour, but is a lovely olive green. I actually also like Peach - it actually sort of reminds me of NARS Orgasm, but in pencil form.

solone smoody pencil swatch

Now I know you're wondering - so far so good, but how do the Smoody Pencils measure up? Well, I tried using the pencils a couple of times, and here is my attempt at using Peach and Jade to make an eye look. Jade was used on the lid and blended, and Pearl was added to give an extra zing of gold glitter!

solone smoody pencils eotd 1

As you can see, the blending wasn't perfect. I think this is because the pencils set very fast, and don't budge once they're set, so you have a short window of time to blend out the colour. As you can see, I wasn't always quick enough, so my blending wasn't that great in some spots.

solone smoody pencils eotd 2

Here is the same look, eyes closed. As you can see, I guess my reflexes just aren't fast enough to blend the pencil out in time. I have to say though, this eye look stayed on from the afternoon right until the evening - and I just used these pencils on my bare eyelids, without any primer or base. So they really don't budge at all once they've set.

solone smoody penncils eotd 3

The only bad thing though, was that since the pencils set so fast, I was tugging at my eyelids roughly in an effort to blend out the colours before they set. After a few tries, my eyelids started to hurt, LOL. Obviously, I can't quite get the hang of blending these out yet.

My final verdict? Overall, these are good eyeliner pencils - they set fast, don't budge, and have good colour payoff. As eyeshadow pencils though, I'm less keen on them, simply because I can't blend them out fast enough, and I don't like to tug at my eyelids. But if you're more skilled at blending than me, then the Solone Smoody Pencils may just be your thing - after all, what's more appealing than a smokey eye in a pencil?

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Thank for this review! I was actually looking at them on ebay the other day, they are reasonably priced so I was tempted. But not being good for eyeshadow loses the appeal for me, I wanted something I can take to the gym and multi-use. Thanks again :-)

  2. thx for your review!! i am currently trying out its eyeshadow pen :P

  3. Liking the idea! And the package is so so cute!
    I absolutely adore Asian beauty brands but it's so super hard to get hold of them here... :(

    Joanna|The Treasure Chest

  4. It's odd but you can totally tell that they aren't blending easily. I don't think it has anything to do with your skills - just looks like the product doesn't enjoy blending out.

  5. how to buy?how much?

  6. Do we have to sharpen it?

  7. How do I sharpen it?


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