Erabelle: My Brow Overhaul!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Few things define and shape the face like your brows. And yet, the brows are often an overlooked part of the face. I guess it's because brows aren't like eyeshadow or nail polish, where there's a new colour coming out every week. But I was very humbled to remember how important basics are when I visited Erabelle.

Erabelle is the local equivalent of Anastasia, in that the focus is on beautiful, well-sculpted brows, with a focus on looking natural. Like Anastasia, Erabelle too has also branched out into other beauty products (Erabelle also sells BB cream), but for today, I'm just focusing on the brows.

I was first given a short introduction to some of the key Erabelle products needed to groom your own brows for the DIY girls. This includes their Brie tweezers, with a polymer tip that pinches the skin much less than a traditional metal tip; brow scissors, which are specially shaped to make trimming along the curve of the brow easier, and which also comes from Switzerland. These implements are really precise - the manufacturers Erabelle sources from also sell their products to the Swiss watch makers and electronics manufacturers, where high precision is required. So despite these being simple tools, the technology behind them is formidable. And these are only sold through Erabelle within the region - to get them elsewhere in Asia, you'll have to fly to Japan.

erabelle instruments

Erabelle also has a brow pencil, of course, and there are 5 shades to choose from. Dark Brown is the most popular, but I opted for grey. These pencils are pretty good - I wore them out for a day and they didn't move.

Last, but not least, are the services. Erabelle provides upmarket brow shaping services. It so happened that I hadn't been taking care of my brows much in the past few weeks (you know, real life gets in the way), so I was totally having these bushmen brows coming in. And after, I had pretty brows! One of my brows tends to be a bit higher than the other, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they evened out my brows and made them look more symmetrical too!

Here's the before and after.

erabelle before after

Erabelle also offers semi-permanent brow colour, for those with little in the way of natural hair. While my bushman self probably won't ever need such services, I got to watch a short demonstration of their soft stroke technique, which basically consists of short, gentle strokes that apply the colour bit by bit in a way that resembles hair and gives a more natural appearance. All semi-permanent colours used are FDA approved, and the equipment used is from Germany, so despite the kimono-clad staff, the technology is actually all the latest and greatest from the West. Erabelle also offers semi-permanent lip colour for other girls who are interested.

erabelle embroidery

One of the things I really appreciated about Erabelle was the individually themed rooms, which are geared towards guests getting body/face care treatments. I always love it when a store has beautiful decor. The rooms are individually themed - there's a Western-themed one, a Japanese-themed one, and even a more utilitarian one for the boys.

erabelle overview w

So, if you're looking for a way to experience the Erabelle treatmenwitt a fraction of the cost, this August's Vanity Trove has a 50% off voucher, so if you're a Vanity Trove subscriber, keep your eyes peeled for the discount!

erabelle event
(With Michelle at the event)

(Product and services provided for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Wow your brows look amazing! The tweezers look really interesting too :)

  2. wow they did a great job, it looks so natural! x

  3. I love your brows, they did such a lovely job. I've always been curious about the place but never had the time to pop in, when my brow package finishes I'm definitely going to check them out. Thanks for the review.

  4. Your brow is very natural. I like it a lot.

  5. They did such a great job on your brows!

  6. subtle but beautiful change :)

  7. Wow your brows look lovely! Honestly though, they already looked nice in the before photo. I've heard raves about Erabelle, but it's pretty expensive isn't it... maybe one day I shall check it out.

  8. ehay sweetie! We met at the event! hehe..

  9. Hi,

    I love your brows~! So natural and lovely. May I know who did them for you and at which outlet?


    1. @Tracey Ng: Thanks for your compliments! I can't remember who did my brows exactly (like I can't remember the therapist), but I got mine done at their branch at Orchard :) Hope this helps!


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