China Glaze DV8: Teal Holo Awesomeness!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm totally into to holos whenever the sun is out. It's been pretty hot and sunny lately (even by Singaporean standards!) so I've been holo-ing my nails out!

This one here is China Glaze DV8, from from the highly sought after OMG Collection sometime back. These were one of the first few all-holo collections to be released back then, so everyone went gaga for those. I bought it a couple of years back, and as usual, it just kind of languished in my stash for awhile before I finally brought it out!

china glaze dv8 4

And no wonder! DV8 is a gorgeous, beautiful teal holo that is lovely. First, I have a thing for teals - I feel like the colour is just universally flattering on most skintones, and secondly, it's HOLOGRAPHIC baby! I love the holo, it's more linear than scattered, which is to my preference.

china glaze dv8 1

Like most holos, this one was a tad tricky to apply, and also a tad chippy (holos tend to chip on me within 2-3 days). However, it just sparkles and twinkles and catches the eye so much, whatever hassle I have to go through is absolutely worth it!

china glaze dv8 3

It's also hard to photograph, and believe me, I tried it many ways - shaded sunlight, direct sunlight, even indoors light, but it's so hard to get a photo of. So I apologize, but these photos just aren't capable of conveying holo awesomesauce.

china glaze dv8 2

I gotta say, China Glaze DV8 is superb - like a glittering teal gem on my nails! Anyone else has a thing for holos?


  1. the colour looks pretty


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