Help: Clear Skin Review Before/After: Does it Really Help Acne?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If you're a longtime reader of my blog, you'll know that I've been battling acne for years. And when I say years, I mean since before I entered University. To give you an idea of how long that is, well, I've graduated with my degree, gone on to do my masters, and have started work. And I still have acne. It's like one of the most constant things in my life.

Anyway, this means if there's an acne cure, I'm all over it. In my younger days I spent inordinate amounts of money on alot of acne treatments - I have memories as a teenage schoolgirl trudging to the drugstore, and blowing my entire week's worth of pocket money on a teeny tiny bottle of tea tree oil/pimple gel/acne cream/whatever. (This is how I learnt that beauty product companies are liars, and I am pretty sure that there is a special place in hell for all these people who make little kids go broke by packaging lies for sale.) I've even been to the doctor for it, and that's another totally different topic and a different suite of products and stuff to ingest - essentially, I've been there, done that. So the latest thing I've tried out recently is Help: Clear Skin.

Help: Clear Skin isn't a topical product like most acne treatments. It's sort of like an oral supplement that you take with food. You get 14 sachets in a box, and you take a sachet a day.

help clear skin packet

The product itself is a white powder. You can mix it with food or water - I just dissolved my packet of powder in water and took it that way. The powder is pretty much tasteless, I found that it had a slightly sweet-ish flavour, and it wasn't unpleasant for me to take it.

help clear skin powder

Here you can see what it looks like when the Help: Clear Skin powder has been dissolved in a mug of water you get a mostly clear, colourless, but slightly cloudy solution. It doesn't taste like much to me, and I imagine if you put it on your food, you wouldn't be able to taste it. I generally don't have issues about using the product, although I read a couple of blogs complaining about how it was a hassle to use. I was thinking, seriously? You guys don't drink water? Or drink so little that dissolving a pack of powder in water and drinking it is a hassle? If that's true, I'm pretty sure just drinking more water will help your skin...But anyway, moving on.

help clear skin drink

So, the key question - does Help: Clear Skin work? Well, I knew you'd ask. So although I didn't want to (like, really, really didn't want to!), I took some before-and-after photos. OMG, now my acne is on display for the whole world to see. You guys better appreciate this!

Here's the before. I actually took this photo a couple of days into using it, but you get the idea. I know, bad skin, acne scars, shiny new big boils popping out, blah blah blah. What's new. Please don't hate - just be thankful you don't have skin that breaks out at the drop of a pin.

help clear skin before w

Here's the after. Still bad skin, but there are a couple of things to note: first, that my big boils seem to have calmed down somewhat. And, that the newer pimples that have emerged are less angry-looking. As in, they come up in normal-looking pimples nearer the surface, like everyone else's, instead of my big, red, deeply-buried acne landmines. That's an improvement, right?

But of course, you can see my skin isn't totally clear. Nowhere close. This is because my old acne scars are still there, and because I still have some new bumps here and there.

help clear skin after w

So the conclusion from my experience? I found it to be helpful overall, although it wasn't a panacea for my acne. Although it didn't really help my acne scars, it did help to control new breakouts somewhat. That said, I've seen other bloggers report far greater improvement than I have, so maybe my acne is just much more severe and thus harder to get rid of. The price is probably the largest sticking point for the product, but if it's not an issue, it's worth a shot.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Agree with this 100%. I am hung on to this porduct caus eits the only things tha has helped me. June

  2. Hi! I'm not usually one for unsolicited advice, but have you tried apple cider vinegar? I mix the organic ACV with 50% water and use it as a toner before using a moisturiser for sensitive skin. I've had nearly no break-outs since trying it!

    1. @Shannon: I've never tried that before, and to be honest, I don't think I'd be able to get apple cider vinegar here easily. I live in Asia, and cider isn't really a popular drink here (yet alone trying to get cider vinegar). But I'm glad it works for you!

  3. hey.. how and where did u get this product? Is it possible to get it in Msia?

    1. @Khor Wooi Teck: You can get it from the Works With Water website at
      They ship worldwide although they are based in the UK. Hope this helps!


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