Bella Box August: Patriotic and Pretty!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bella Box has landed again, and this month's August box is super exciting for me, because of the National Day theme! It's totally cool that we have a box in line with our celebration of Singapore's independence! Now, even if you're not Singporean, surely you can appreciate the festive feeling in the box? I mean, there's a bright happy red "I Heart SG" card staring you in the face the moment you open the box!

bella box august box

Inside the box, we have further proof of the festive spirit and pride in our country. See, a "I Heart SG" bag! This is seriously cute.

bella box august bag

The Bella Box itself also has some good products this month. I'd say I'm actually quite happy with this month's box! You can see why from the photo below, can't you? It's the nail polish! Okay, but before I get excited, first things first. We gotta run through everything in the box.

First up, we have skincare samples. Skincare samples are like, de rigeur for beauty boxes, it seems, but these include some pretty good ones. There's Porefessional from Benefit, and a Exfoliance Gommage from Enavose, which is a pretty excellent brand. And there's a sample of a Pre-Serum (not too sure what that is) from L'Oreal's Youth Code range.

bella box august samples

Next, we more skincare! Here we have a Facial Fresh Collagen Cloth Treatment Mask, which looks very intriguging, as well as some samples of skincare from Elizabeth Arden - a set of cleanser, toner, and serum.

bella box august facial fresh collagen cloth treatment mask

Lastly, we have the nail polish! This totally makes this month's box worthwhile, for me anyway. You know I love nail polish, so I was all over this. I got a bottle of Purple Panic! Best part, it's a full size bottle! I love full-size items. They just make me so happy.

bella box august china glaze purple panic

My thoughts on this month's August Bella Box? Well, overall I liked it - I liked the touches of National Day festivity, the full-sized China Glaze nail polish (I really, realy liked that!) and the general spread of samples. I guess there are less samples than in some other boxes, but I feel like having a full-sized product makes up for it. But maybe that's just my take on things. If you like the full-sized nail polish, and would use the samples, this month's Bella Box would probably be of interest to you.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. I like that you got a FS nail polish :)

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    lovely blog.
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