Valentine's Day Nails with Flowers and Gems!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

After my Valentine's Day nails with no pink at all, as well as my Anti-Valentine's Day nails (gasp, I know!), I decided to be nice and do a proper Valentine's Day nails - with a little of my style added, of course. I did do a nail look with flowers and girly colours, but it's also something I would actually wear out, that's not puke inducing (you know, all pastels and stuff).

Basically, for this Valentine's Day nail look, I used Nails Inc Queens Park, a gorgeous deep pinky-purple with a shimmery, almost-metallic-y, duochrome-y finish. I really love this colour, the jewel tone of the shade just makes it so striking, and very gorgeous! I can't think of very many colours I love more than this, and if purple is your thing (as it is mine) you know you HAVE to get this shade, even if it's only sold half the world away.'

On top of Nails Inc Queesn Park, I added some flower stickers, to give that girly touch. And if I were a little bit more normal like most people, I would have been happy to stop there, and it would have been a perfectly fine Valentine's Day manicure for a night out. But nooo, something inside me was crying out for more bling. So I added on some flower-shaped gemstones! So now my nail is so blingy right now. Both the nail art stickers and gemstones were bought from Viva La Nails.

valentines day flowers 1

The first thing I did after I had done this nail look of course, was take it to Twitter (if you follow me on Twitter you would have seen this) and Facebook (ditto the friending me on Facebook), to ask professional opinion (by professional I meant "other awesome bloggers and whoever was online then") if I had really over-blinged my nails. Fortunately, noone thought I over-blinged my nails. I guess there's worse out there, for sure, but I don't think I've ever worn so many stickers and gems on my nails at one go...

valentines day nails flowers 2

Anyway, since noone thought my nails were too blingy, I wore them out to work the next day, and to my surprise, the world didn't crumble. So there you have it - my overenthusiastic attempt to add some flowery girliness to my nails! I think, though, next time I wear Queens Park, I'm going to wear it alone. I feel like the colour is stunning enough to deserve a whole mani by itself.


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