Gold and Navy Blue Eye Look Inspired by my Dress

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The other day, I got a yellow and blue dress. I know I have weird taste in clothes, so don't laugh at my dress sense (or lack thereof). I like this dress because it's light, flowy, and easy to wear. In fact, I wore the dress out to a recent Keratinology event, and you can see me wearing the dress in a photo.

yellow and blue dress

I felt inspired by the dress's yellow and blue colour scheme to try that out for an EOTD. And here is the result!

For this eye look, I used the navy blue from the Sleek Storm Palette, and the gold shade was either from a Sleek Palette or Evil Shades Morning Star. I placed the gold shade on the lid, and the blue in the contour area, and blended.

gold and navy eye 2

I quite like this look - it's dramatic and not exactly an everyday look, but I love the gold and blue contrast. Pigmentation and application on both shades was good - I don't have issue either with my Sleek Palettes or my Evil Shades eyeshadows.

gold and navy eye 3

I kinda feel like the patterns on my dress would look really good on the nail, and I keep thinking that I should do a blue and gold/yellow nail with that design, but I'm worried that my nail art skills are too fail to reproduce the design. Until then, I'll just do the eye look!


  1. I think your dress looks very pretty and you look lovely in it!

  2. I like the dress! Navy is such a nice colour. :)

  3. This look is amazing. I love the color combinations you used :)

  4. I love gold and blue together! :) Really cute dress too :)

  5. The dress and eye are both lovely :) It looks perfect for summer x

  6. The eye look is lovely and I hope that your nail skill confidence grows enough to try the design out!

  7. Love the dress, love the eye makeup - tres chic!

  8. I love finding inspiration from anything - clothes, shoes, the weather. :D


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