Inque Nails: My Customized Snakeskin Print Nails!

Friday, December 31, 2010

So we've just had Christmas, and now we're all moving into the new year! This period of time is so suited for reflection as well as looking ahead. And speaking of looking ahead, I seriously think Inque Nails is going to be one of the up-and-coming trends in the future - if not in the near future, then somewhere down the road in the next few years. The arrival of Inque Nails is going to make Minx so passe (and seem so expensive by comparison).

Inque Nails is like nail art - but better. For one, you don't have to spend time labouring over your nails (although I know some people like to!), and for another, the designs come out perfect, everytime (good for klutzes like me). Inque Nails comes in the form of stickers the size of your entire nail plate with designs on them, that you stick onto your nails.

But the unique selling point of Inque Nails is not just that they're nail stickers, but that they're custom-sized down to each individual nail, and that you can pick from over 180 designs, or even create your own. Cool right? The moment I heard about these, I absolutely HAD to try them.

Inque Nails Snake

Here's what a sheet of Inque Nails looks like. In order to size the vinyl nail stickers to your nails, you have to upload a photo of your nails according to their specifications. If you don't want to do that, they have standard-sized nail stickers available as well.

Inque nails have the coolest designs ever - I believe mine was Snake 4, a really awesome snakeskin print. Some of my favourites are Cheetah (cheetah print woo!) Freaky Zoo (giraffe print now), as well as Stars (literally stars in a night sky - very cool). They also print out whatever design you want - you could even upload Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and have your nails decorated with them, if you wanted to. *Starts puking*.

Anyway, before I get stoned by the Miley/Justin fanclub, I'd better mention that these nails are actually easier to apply than they look. They are in sticker form, so you have to peel and stick, and then set the stickers by passing them under a heat source (a hairdryer in this case) so that the stickers adhere better. Cool right? These actually stay on for pretty long - your nails will likely grow out before they fall off.

Here's how my nails looked with the nail stickers on. Look ma, cool nails!

inque nails snake)

If you can't already tell, I'm absolutely hyped up about this, because it's just so friggin cool. If you want customized nails (you know, like Justin Bieber or your dog on every single one of them), or if you want nail art that will stay on for a few weeks and not fall off, or if you just want to try the next big thing, this is it. And you can thank me for tipping you off later. Inque Nails are available from the Inque Nails Website, they ship internationally (YAY!) and cost USD$20 to size your nails, and US$15 for a set (which is cheaper than Minx, or even going to your nail salon to get them to paint your nails a boring pink).

(Product was provided for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with or compensated by the company.)


  1. I love Inque! My peacock feather nails were amazing! I need to order again. They have great CS too

  2. Bieber is gross. Miley is passable, but that's because I still have a soft spot for Hannah Montana.

    These look really cool! And it's a good price, too.

  3. Wow they look stunning! Very tempting!!

  4. Very cool & endless possibilities!

  5. those look soooo cool! i love all your posts on nail polish...i love love love nail polish!

  6. cool idea.. i'll be checking them out
    btw, hope you have a Happy New year!

  7. Wow, I'm so tempted to try this. I think it's genius that they even have a function where you can change your nail length if they've broken or grown. Very clever!

    Thanks for bringing these to my attention! :-D

  8. these are super cute! did they last long?

    I think it would be hilarious to have the beibs photo on your nails..miuwhahah

  9. @Shortwidenails: Yes, once you set them with the hairdryer, they last for very long. I took mine off early, but as far as I know, these last for 2-3 weeks on average. :)


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