Benefit Lemonaid vs Benefit You're Bluffing Swatches

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Benefit has a whole array of concealers. The enormously popular Lemonaid, and the lesser-known You're Bluffing, are just two out of the lineup they have, but these are the only ones (I think) that are yellow. So for anyone wondering why on earth does Benefit have not one but two yellow concealers, here are swatches to show you the differences between the two.

Benefit Lemonaid Youre Bluffing

L-R: Lemonaid (applied heavily and lightly), You're Bluffing (applied heavily and lightly)

Lemonaid is a much more pale lemony yellow. You're Bluffing is what I'd call primary canary yellow. Lemonaid also has a much more solid texture, while You're Bluffing is not as tacky, and a bit more blendable due to it's smoother texture. Lastly, Lemonaid is more pigmented, partly because of it's tacky, thick texture, while You're Bluffing has less pigment.

Both have their uses. Lemonaid is probably better for people who wish for more coverage, and who don't mind working with the tacky texture of the concealer. On the other hand, if you prefer something easier to work with and don't need much coverage, You're Bluffing would do.


  1. Great review! Thanks for the swatches! I have been wondering about these for a while! :]

  2. Thanks for sharing those swatches. :)

  3. I have you're bluffing and i dont like it at all! great review xx

  4. i got a sample of lemon-aid in my confessions of a concealaholic palette and i hated it. it really does nothing for me.

  5. ....they seem very yellow. I have pretty yellowish skin..but these seem super yellow..hmm.

    I'll have to go and check them out. I always have trouble with concealers. they work at first then after a month my skin get a rash where I used the concealer...then i change concealer. i change concealer a lot

  6. What does a yellow concealer do anyway? I mean, I know that green concealers are for people with redness they want to cover up, and peach/orange is for dark under eye circles, but yellow?

  7. @Donna: Yellow concealer is most commonly used for covering blemishes that are blue-based, as the yellow tends to "cancel" out the blue on human skin. So, blueish imperfections like some undereye circles, eye bags, as well as bruises often lend themselves well to yellow concealer. However some people's eyebags are brown colored so yellow may not be optimal. Lastly, Asians and people with olive skin often find that yellow concealer blends in better with their skin. Hope this helps!

  8. It does! Thanks for letting me know. I guess this wouldn't be something I need since my undereye circles are more brownish.

  9. I need to find a good yellow based concealer as i have EXTREMLY dark circles under my eyes, i have 2 palette concealers and about 4 others but none of them do it for me! i think im just gonna have to buy lemon aid!
    Grace xx


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