Benefit Boi-ing Concealer/Shadow Base Swatches

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Benefit's Boi-ing is one of the most popular products in their entire lineup. These are billed as concealers that double as shadow bases, but empirical anecdotes from users seems to provide the opinion that while these are great as concealers, their use as shadow bases is much more limited. Still, these are quite popular, so there is something to them.

As is usual in most parts of Europe and Asia, Benefit didn't bring in the darker shades, so 03 Deep is missing. But here are swatches of 01 Light and 02 Medium:

Benefit Boi-ing swatches

01 Light would probably be my shade if I had to pick a colour from the range, and I'm about NC20. 02 Medium looks to my eye to be around NC30-35, maybe.

One of the reasons why Boi-ing is so popular is because it's very pigmented. So it's probably useful for concealment of blemishes and undereye circles. These swatches were probably a couple of swipes, and you can see that the coverage is excellent. The consistency and texture of the concealers was also good - they strike a nice balance between pigmentation and a texture that glides.

So do you need this? Well, for one, 3 shades out of a gazillion human skintones means that not everyone will be able to find a match, which would make the question moot. But if you do have a match, and want something pigmented, then these are worth looking into. But of course, weartime would vary from person to person, so that may be the deciding factor in the end.


  1. I've always wanted to try this product out. But until now I didn't get a chance.^^
    But seeing your swatch makes me wanna buy it now. I hope I can find a match with my skintone.

  2. I have the Confessions of a Concealaholic kit, and I've tried mixing the two to match my skintone.

    But I'm lazy and I reach for the Erase Paste in the kit, just so I can skip the mixing part XD

  3. love benefit boing! have been using it for 2 years and it never fails me. great blog!

  4. i had this as part of my realness of concealness kit and i didnt like it at first...MUCH preferred my Benefit Erase Paste. But i recently lost Erase Paste so started using BOI-ing and now i LOVE it! Going to buy the full size pot soon! Great review though! x


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