Chic and Classy NOTD: Ciate Sharp Tailoring

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ciate is one of those brands that are underrated and little-known about, but their quality actually pretty good. Some colours are a mixed bag, but some are excellent.

Sharp Tailoring is classified as a "greige", and is one of the colours that has been all the rage lately, although it isn't brown like other greiges. Instead, it's a cross between a grey and a beige, with gold shimmer for good effect. And the result is pretty awesome - chic, understated, modern and classic all at the same time. It's a take on the "it" colour, with a slight twist.

Ciate sharp Tailoring

The gold shimmer is relatively fine, and not always discernable once on the nail. But it is there, and can definitely be seen under some lights. Application on this was pretty good. The polish was thin, and of a very fluid consistency, and the first coat applied sheerly, but two coats rendered it nicely opaque. Sharp Tailoring has decent lasting power. It stayed on about 3-4 days before chipping, which is about average for me.

ciate sharp tailoring

I've been told that Ciate nail polishes are actually produced by the same factory that also produces Chanel nail polishes, although that's just pure hearsay, and I can't confirm if any of it is true - it's just one of the things fellow nail polish enthusiasts have told me, although noone knows for certain. But it's an interesting nugget for sure.

Nevertheless, one of the draws of Ciate's polishes is definitely that cute little bottle. It isn't your usual round bottle - this one comes with a little ribbon on!

ciate sharp tailoring bottle

If you like pretty bottles, and pretty polish of good quality, Sharp Tailoring is definitely one to check out. Sharp Tailoring is one of my favourites right now, because it's one of those colours that's entirely work-appropriate while still being a little on-trend and edgy.


  1. It reminds me of the old tailors chalk stuff that I used when I was doing Textiles - I quite like that though lol!

  2. love it! la la love! as kellie would say!

  3. I've always wanted to try this brand! Very pretty.

  4. ooh pretty! never heard of this brand.

  5. Where can you find Ciate polishes?? And price range?
    The gold sparkles give it a nice touch :D

  6. lust lust lusting this color!! Great blog- now following you!

  7. I really like that color and the bottle is adorable!

  8. @Tammy: As far as I know, Ciate is only sold in the UK, so non-UKers may have to turn to EBay or other online stores. I believe the retail price for Ciate is £8-9 per bottle, but I've gotten mine for cheaper online via EBay etc. Hope this helps!

  9. I love the packaging. I've never heard of this brand, the color is gorgeous!


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