Sleek iDivine Palette: Safari Palette Swatches

Friday, October 15, 2010

I know the Safari Palette was LE (Limited Edition - a horrible word to hear if you're a makeup junkie like me!) from awhile back, but I thought in the interests of completeness I'd just put up swatches of it anyway. I think this palette is very aptly named - with it's greens, golds and browns, it really does have a jungle-like feel. There's also a good variation of warm and cool shades, especially when it comes to greens.

Sleek Safari Palette

Packaging is much like other Sleek palettes - we've all seen the plastic casing and double-ended sponge applicator before. I don't really like greens, and I rarely wear colour on my eyes, but I actually sort of like this palette.

sleek safari palette swatches

Top Row, L-R: matte black, light shimmery yellow, light olive green, muted forest green with silver shimmer, burnt red-brown, matte yellow

Bottom Row, L-R: neutral light tan-brown, shimmery white cream, matte bright green, deep emerald green, tan with silver shimmer, neutral shimmery brown

I quite like this palette. My favourites are the greens (I love the three shimmery greens), as well as the neutral tans, and the neutral brown all the way at the right bottom corner. Shadows are, as usual, pigmented and soft, but a little on the crumbly side, especially for shimmers, while the mattes tend to be less pigmented but a little harder. Overall, the quality is pretty much the same as your usual Sleek Palette, so I don't have much to add to this one, other than if you've liked the other Sleek offerings, you'll like this too. It's great for those who love greens, golds and browns - I think this palette has a good mix of wearable as well as brighter shades.


  1. Hey,
    Have you had it for a while or just got hold of it?

    Really want one :(

  2. It doesn't seem super pigmented though, does it? How is the quality? I mean, I'm sure with a good base they would look great but I like colors that stand out on their own too.

    Xo Michelle

  3. wowww, wish i had one =(
    when did it come out? haven't ever seen it before!

  4. @Steph_xox: I actually got mine not too long ago, but it's quite hard to get hold of nowadays because Sleek has stopped selling it for a couple of years now..

    @Michelle Xo: I've tried some of the shades, and i think the quality is actually quite decent. It's decently pigmented and the lasting power is quite good.

    @esteeem: It came out a long time ago, at least a couple of years ago. It's an old palette which I just swatched for the benefit of those who might want it :)

  5. I like the look of the matte bright green on the bottom row :D

  6. Beautiful colors!! :) I hate it when they make wonderful products like that LE!! :@

    Btw I found you through beautylish blog link exchange, you have an awesome blog!! :) Would you mind checking out mine too? :)

  7. Sleek palettes such a must have & bargin! Some of the palettes you have like the Bohemian one i've never seen before?! =(

    Ahana x

  8. @Ahana: I believe the Safari palette was limited edition, which is maybe why you haven't heard about it? I don't think you can buy it in stores now...but you can get it off someone who has one..


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