Barry M Blusher Swatches Part 1: The Pinks

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Barry M is one of the more popular UK drugstore makeup brands for a reason. Their products are generally very pigmented, and they have a good colour range that has something for everyone. It thus seems a pity that despite their gazillion Dazzle Dust shades, they only have six blush shades. Fortunately, the six encompass a good range of colours that are pretty wearable.

Almost all Barry M Blushers (yes, they call them blushers! It seems to me that it's "blush" in the USA, and "blusher" in Asia/Europe, although the geographical boundaries seem to be blurring) are matte, and very pigmented. The only slight drawback is that the powder isn't silky-soft like some of the high-end brands. Still though, for the price these are worth having. I rather like them.

Barry M Blusher Swatches

L-R: Pink Orchid 1, Rose 2, Strawberry 3

Pink Orchid 1 is a cool-toned light pink colour that's light but not quite pastel...very nice but quite common - I mean, doesn't every brand have a colour like that? Still, this one is a good basic, and it's probably better than your pastel pink because it has better pigmentation. Probably a very popular colour

Rose 2 is a slightly muted magenta pink. I think this one is also very pretty, and reminds me a bit of NARS Desire or Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink. You know, one of those bright pink shades. A bright, clean pink.

Strawberry 3 is a medium rose pink. This one is pretty intense, but I think it will probably be quite universally wearable - I think lighter skintones can apply this one lightly for a slight flush, and darker skintones can carry this off beautifully too. I love it when companies make colours like this that everyone can wear.

I imagine these colours must be pretty popular - I mean out of the six blusher shades, four of them are pink, so people must like pink. They do have some (okay, fine, two) non-pink shades though, which you'll see in the next post.


  1. All of them look fabulous!Plus they look so pigmented!Have to check them!Thanks for the post hun!!!:)

  2. Grr now I am coveting them from Canada. I love the srawberry color, I always struggle to find a good blush(er) haha.

    Xo Michelle

  3. I love the look of the last colour but i'd be so scared of trying it! x

  4. rose 2 is gorgeous! a great pink for fall :)

  5. They all look so beautiful and pigmented!

  6. Pink Orchid is gorgeous!

  7. I think Strawberry looks very nice. I've never tried Barry M blushers, in fact I'm not sure I've ever spotted them on the stands. I must have a look next time I'm in Superdrug or Boots (no doubt once I've managed to track down Dusky Mauve nail paint!).
    Jane x

  8. I find pink orchid very unique actually, I have searched for a drugstore dupe but one has yet to be a perfect match, it's def been my fave blush. I didn't care for the other Barry M shades really, but some are cute worn as eyeshadow.


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