ManGlaze Mayo: A Matte White Christmas!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Okay, so it's not Christmas yet, but somehow, that was what I thought of when I was wearing ManGlaze's Mayo. Mayo is one of ManGlaze's latest colours, and an addition to their immensely popular matte nail polish range. And this one, unlike Manglaze's usual range of dark colours, is white! From what I know, the white has been requested for a while, but it took awhile to get the formula right. And on the ManGlaze website, they even tell you that "this stuff takes a skilled hand" to apply.

ManGlaze Mayo

ManGlaze, despite its relative newcomer status, has already been rapidly garnering a fan following, because of its grungy, edgy image. In a world where most polish brands produce masses of pinks and reds, and tack on everything from flowers to bows to annoyingly girly paraphernalia to boost sales, ManGlaze stands out, like that devil-may-care rocker chick wearing studs in a sea full of pink princess-y girls toting Hello Kitty bags.

manglaze mayo

Anyway, enough about Hello Kitty and goth girls, let's get to the nail polish. Yes, this colour is hard to apply, and yes, you do need a skilled hand and a good base coat. Mayo, when compared to ManGlaze's other colours, is trickier to apply. Unlike Fuggen Ugly, it doesn't go on nicely in smooth, thin and even coats. Mayo goes on thicker, and more unevenly. My personal experience was that it's better to apply this in as thin and even coats as possibe, and do two coats, rather than attempt to apply one single thick but even coat, because this doesn't even out that nicely.

manglaze mayo

Now that I've gotten the negatives out of the way, let's talk about the positives. Have I told you how cool this colour is? It's not jet-matte-white, like OPI's Alphine Snow Matte (which honestly I think is a little boring). But this one has some very fine flecks of glitter dotted throughout the polish. Once applied however, this glitter is invisible to the eye (I myself can only see it in the bottle), but I feel like it adds a little something to what would otherwise be just another matte white.

So, do you need this? Sure, if you don't have a matte white, and you want ManGlaze's punk-rock take on it, and you can deal with the application issues. You gotta admit, there is just something attractively cool about ManGlaze's aesthetic. But if you think you might have trouble with application, I suggest you go for Fuggen Ugly, or another colour.

(This product was sent to me for review. I am not affiliated/compensated for my review.)


  1. Ugh this is always my issue. I have several white polishes but the application NEVER looks neat even if you do it perfectly.

  2. I like the look of the bottles and the colour you had on the other day. I dont like the white as much though. Your right, its hard to get a perfect application.

  3. The bottle design is so kute!!
    This is a nice white,
    thanks for sharing :)


  4. I dont usually like white polish but this one looks good to me! Whats going on here?? lol your application looks pretty good btw.

  5. Ah, I want to like it since I'm a fan of ManGlaze. But I don't.
    I really, really don't. :(
    Maybe it would be a different story if I saw it in person, but right now, it kind of reminds me of painting my nails with whiteout.
    Still adore Fuggin Ugly, though!

  6. :/ lol white nail polish reminds me of when i was in gr 5 and used white out in replacement for nail polish haha i dont think i can ever look at it the same again!

  7. what a pretty colour! iv never actually worn full white nail polish but i guess ill try it :) my mum always reckon that i should use white..after this post it has made me realise that i should give black up a bit and start to wear white more often


  8. I pretty adore the bottle <3 would be nice collection!

  9. I love the packaging and the name. Is this available in the UK or just Singapore?

  10. @Skinscrubs: ManGlaze is actually a Chicago-based store, but they ship overseas too, for a fairly reasonable price. I know they have shipped to the UK too, so you can definitely get it shipped there!

  11. This would look great with "hot mess" on top :)

  12. I have yet to find a white polish that didn't have application issues. Granted, some have big issues, while others have little issues, but there always seems be at least one issue with white polishes! lol. But that said, I think this shade looks amazing against your skin! :)


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