GOSH Extreme Art Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Swatches Part 1

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GOSH is one of the most underrated UK drugstore brands ever. Sleek and Barry M get more coverage (probably because they seem to engage in PR activities more), but I personally am more drawn to GOSH's colour selection and quality. Everything I've tried from GOSH, I've liked, and I can't say the same about Barry M or Sleek. And I've tried quite a bit from GOSH - so far, I've tried and liked the nail polishes (I still remember my first love, GOSH Holographic), lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lipglosses.

The Extreme Art Waterproof eyeliners are, indeed, waterproof. In fact, once you let these "set" for awhile, they seriously DON'T FREAKING BUDGE. These are probably the most long-lasting eyeliners I've come across, and thus excellent value for the price. I've worn these on a night out, and despite sweat and rubbing, they were still there at the end of the night. What's more, they come in such a wide range of colours - there's going to be a few you'll need to pick up.

GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner

L-R: Black 07, Metallic Grey 25, Dark Purple 01, Light Blue 08, Middle Blue 09, Cobalt Blue 10, Green 12, Light Green 05, Olive Green 06, Orange 03, Gold 13, Metallic Brown 24

Black 07 is jet inky black. It's one of the few colours that's not metallic or shimmery in finish.

Metallic Grey 25 is a gunmetal metallic grey with silver shimmer bits. Quite pretty, methinks.

Dark Purple 01 is one of my favourites! It's like Urban Decay's Rockstar, only in liquid form (which makes it last longer, on me at least), and it also has this metallic sheen to it.

Light Blue 08, Middle Blue 09 and Cobalt Blue 10 - GOSH obviously loves the fans of blue eyeliner because they have made three shades for them! They're all similar, but as you can see in the swatches they're not all alike. Light Blue 08 is a metallic sky blue, Middle Blue 09 is a darker blue (but it's still quite light), and Cobalt Blue 10 isn't quite my idea of cobalt blue at all, but it's a pretty metallic blue nonetheless. To me these are all variations on sky blue.

Green 12 is a straight up green. Not much to say here. Neither too blue nor too yellow.

Light Green 05 is not only lighter than Green 12, but it's also more yellow in undertone, and more metallic.

Olive Green 06 is another of my favourites! I love olive greens though, so I'm totally biased. But I love this, it's a very wearable neutral that still adds some colour to your eye look. It also has specks of silver shimmer in it.

Orange 03 is a light yellowy orange, while Gold 13 looks more like Orange Part Two to me...it doesn't look gold to my eye, but it does look like an ambery-orange.

Metallic Brown 24 is just that - metallic brown with just a hint of red. A very safe work option.


  1. metalic grey, gold, dark purple, orange & olive :) this is my favourites !!!

  2. those look stunning! middle blue calls out for me!

  3. ahh! i need metallic grey, dark purple, and cobalt blue in my life! can't wait for these to be available in canada.

    thanks for the swatches :).

  4. I picked up some GOSH polishes and a green kohl eyeliner when we were in UK. I wish I'd got more now, the eyeliner especially is amazing.

  5. Amazing colours! ... especially loving the greens and blues - mmmm!
    Please stop by and follow us!

    labatondecolle.blogspot.com xxx

  6. so cool love gosh products
    come follow xoo

  7. They all look amazing, such beautiful vibrant colors! I wish we had GOSH in Greece!




  9. Love the cobalt blue and light green! It's amazing how many product swatches you have up on your blog!


  10. These eyeliners are INCREDIBLE. I've got Green 12 and Dark Purple 01 and never found a better liquid eyeliner! Sometimes I have worn it to bed, and woke up with it intact, no smudging, cracking, anything! It is even difficult to get it off with make up remover!

    Unfortunately I've just now found out that they've discontinued their Extreme Art range! *Cry* I am so mad! Wish it was still available. I've heard MAC's Liquidart is very similar but this may have been discontinued too?


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