GOSH Extreme Art Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Swatches Part 2

Monday, October 11, 2010

GOSH is usually one of those brands associated with boring neutrals, instead of brights and unusual colours. But there are surprises in that line, too. Like their Extreme Art eyeliners - they actually have glitter shades in there, and five of them, and some of them are actually pretty unique and very multi-dimensional. For a drugstore brand, the colour selection of glitter shades is pretty impressive. I only wish the glitter in these were denser, because for some of these shades, you'll need to go over the line a couple of times to achieve full opacity.

GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner

L-R: Multi Glitter Top Coat 18, Silver Glitter 19, Silver 14, Light Purple 17, Purple Glitter 26, Aqua 11, Aqua Glitter 21, Green Gold Glitter 22, Dragon Green 23, Light Yellow 04, Copper 02

Multi Glitter Top Coat 18 is pretty cool. It's a clear base with glitter bits that sparkle gold? silver? something pretty cool. I only wish the glitter was denser in this one, but I guess it's a top coat, right?

Silver Glitter 19 is just that - silver glitter in a clear base. Very nice if you like that sort of thing.

Silver 14 is a metallic platinum shade of silver. If you wanted a metallic silver, but didn't like Silver Glitter, this might do the trick instead.

Light Purple 17 is a gorgeous light lilac purple shade. Very pretty and girly.

Purple Glitter 26 - OMG this is totally awesome. Definitely my favourite of the bunch, and I don't even like glitter! For one, the glitter in this one is slightly finer than some of the other colours, and it's also denser. And - it has holographic glitter! This has got to be the only eyeliner I know of with holographic glitter! It's absolutely gorgeous, and my swatch did not do this one justice at all. There are two types of glitter in this one - a purple/silver metallic glitter, and holographic glitter. The net result combines to give a very multi-dimensional shade that looks purple in some lights, silver in others, and still black in yet other lights, AND also has holographic glitter to boot. Very very cool. Awhile back there was a shade of nail polish by OPI called Mad As A Hatter that was wildly popular, and this is the eyeliner equivalent of that nail polish.

Aqua 11 is a bright and pretty Aqua blue. Very glowy.

Aqua Glitter 21 doesn't look aqua in my swatch, but it's aqua/silver/gold in real life. The glitter bits shift colours with the light, and I think there's more than one colour of glitter in there. Very multi-dimensional, and even though I don't like glitter I can appreciate that.

Green Gold Glitter 22 is a metallic glitter that looks simultaneously green and gold. I kind of like it. Like Aqua Glitter, I think there's more than one colour of glitter inside. I think some of the glitter is the same in both colours though, which is why they look similar.

Dragon Green 23 is a grassy green shade that is darker than Light Green (which was swatched in the previous post). It has a metallic gold flash that makes it interesting.

Light Yellow 04 is a pale banana yellow with a metallic finish.

Copper 02 is a metallic copper shade, and this does look like copper to me. A little boring, maybe, but still quite pretty.


  1. Great swatches! i have no.11. my god once that goes on you need acetone or something to get it off! x

  2. Doesn't the Collection 2000 Glam Crystals have holo particles in them? I'll have to check mine, I thought it did. I always think of Gosh as having bright colours too (I'm not just being awkward honest :P) because I guess that's what I look at on their stand, they have beautiful bright nail polishes that I always oooh and aaaah over, hehe.

    Love these liners, I've never noticed Dragon green there before and I must go and find it RIGHT now!! Thank you :)

  3. I have several of these, I like them a lot, they're fun and cheap and waterproof as hell!

  4. ohmygod I LOVE all the non-glitter ones! especially that yellow and copper

  5. love the colors, especially the copper.

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  6. The Aqua and dragon green look gorgeous! Gonna pop in to superdrug tomorrow to pick them up:) can't wait to try them out x


  7. tehe glitter liners are meant to be worn as top coats over one of their opaque liners. They look incredible over black or the one of the bright shades

  8. love silver, aqua, and light purple!



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