GOSH Lipsticks Swatches: Part 2

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today, we're doing part 2 of our series of GOSH lipstick swatches, after getting interrupted by a reader's request swatch! (Don't you just love my non-existent organizational ability?) Anyway, I really like these lipsticks very much, they're well-pigmented (most of them, anyway), and relatively emollient. Like a lot of strongly pigmented lipsticks, they're a little drier than my ideal, but I think they're still pretty awesome nevertheless. Without further ado, here are the swatches!

GOSH Lipstick Swatches

L-R: Nougat 122, Mulberry 127, Mocha 128, Amethyst 131, Darling 134, Hot n' Sweet 139

Nougat 122 has been swatched before, but I thought I'd just put it beside the rest of the swatches for comparison purposes.

Mulberry 127 is a bright deep red, very pretty and wearable (as far as red lipstick goes anyway), and this one is a nice neutral red.

Mocha 128 is a brown colour with a hint of pink and tan. This is on the warm side.

Amethyst 131 is a frostly lilac. This is a little bit odd, because most lipsticks I've seen up to this point are bright neon type of lilacs, but this is much more muted and grey. I'm not sure how it would look on a lip, the grey tones in this look a little bit odd.

Darling 134 is a nude, and is one of the more acclaimed shades - everyone seems to be raving about this one. This is a nude with pinky tones to it, and it's very pretty. I've heard that it's a dupe for MAC's Hue lipstick (also another acclaimed nude) but I've never owned Hue so I wouldn't know.

Hot n' Sweet 139 is also another colour I really love very much. It's a jewel-toned red that's cooler-toned than Mulberry 127, and has more purple to it. This one will be the perfect standout red lipstick for cool-toned girls, while warmer-toned girls might want to go for Mulberry 127 instead.

Alright, that's it for the GOSH Lipstick swatches!


  1. Nougat looks like a nice nudey shade for me. Thanks for doing these swatches, I find it hard to find swatches for GOSH lippies online, the only there seems to be an abundance of is Darling which I know won't suit me anyway!


  2. I'm not gonna lie, from what I see, I want Darling! lol


  3. I love Mulberry...it looks like it could go either way, spring-summer or winter-fall.

  4. i really think that Gosh is a great brand, their velvet toouch eyeliners are amazing! thanks for the swatches!


  5. i actualyl didn't have a very good experience with GOSH lipstick, so i kindda stay away from them. THe one i got was wayyy too frosty, and there was HUGE glitter bit pieces in them. Dried out my lips pretty crazy. But these ones look different..

    the Amethyst 131 looks very pretty. But i don't think i can pull it off without looking like a zoombie. haha


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