Are They Dupes? GOSH Bourgogne vs MAC Sweetie Lipsticks

Thursday, May 27, 2010

In my last post swatching the GOSH lipsticks HERE, I mentioned that GOSH Bourgogne 66 was a more punched-up, pigmented version of MAC Sweetie. I thought they were similar because they were both plummy pinks with shimmer, so here are actual lip swatches for comparison!

Now that I actually swatched both of them side-by-side, I realized that while they might both be in the same plummy-pink-with-shimmer category, in terms of intensity these are two very different creatures. GOSH Bourgogne is a helluva lot more pigmented and intense than MAC Sweetie, so if you're looking for a pigmented lipstick, the GOSH is the obvious winner.

Here's a swatch of my bare lips for comparison:

Here's a swatch of MAC Sweetie. I love this lipstick:

MAC Sweetie Lipstick Swatch

I really like MAC Sweetie, it's a very work-appropriate colour, and it's a very sweet-looking pinky-plum with silver shimmer, and it's a slightly cool-toned colour. It's shimmery without being frosty, and it's not too sheer although it isn't totally opaque. This is one of the no-brainer shades I like to use when I can't think of anything else.

Here's a swatch of GOSH Bourgogne:

GOSH Bourgogne Lipstick Swatch

GOSH Bourgogne is like MAC Sweetie, but really revved up. It's also a slightly cool-toned pinky-plum, but really pigmeneted, to the point where it's a very bright colour. It also has a blue flash duochrome going on, which makes it really cool. I don't know if you can see the blue flash on the lips, but it's more obvious in the tube. The blue duochrome is more diminished once applied on the lips, so the net effect is shimmer that just ever-so-slightly flashes blue. It's not noticeable once it's on the lips, but if you look at the lipstick in the tube, its a lot more obvious.

Formula-wise, I found the two lipsticks to be similar. On me, both of them were a little on the slightly dry side, although the GOSH was slightly more dry than the MAC. I'm one of those weird people who find all MAC lipsticks drying (even the Lustres and Cremesheens), but if you aren't one of those, then you might find the MAC substiantially less drying.

So between the two, which one should you pick? Once again, it depends on a number of factors. If you love bright, pigmented lipsticks, then GOSH Bourgogne is definitely the one to pick. But if you want something less flashy and more work appropriate, or if you want a lipstick that's more sheer, then MAC Sweetie is a better choice for you. And if you want the less drying of the two, then MAC Sweetie is probably your best bet.


  1. oh my gosh! they do look the same. O.O

  2. Ohmygosh yr lips are awesome! And yes it's defo a dupe. I love Sweetie too


  3. Pretty!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

  4. o they do look the same!

  5. I brought sweetie the other day, such a gorgeous and versatile colour. The GOSH one looks so similar x

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  7. I need to get my hands on MAC Sweetie. Such a pretty color.

    Also, just wanted to let you know, I actually stopped updating my blog Real Style, by I have another blog that is now updated daily. Check it out if you like:

    PS...I am now a follower =)

  8. I have the gosh lipstick you're featuring. It's fantastic!

  9. I went to MAC today and Sweetie has become my #1 lipstick!
    I have yet to purchase it as I'm hoping that my own sweetie will purchase it for me for Christmas.
    Also, up until now, I have not been a lip colour kind of girl.
    I thought I could go with a tinted lip balm, but I've been unsure of what to get.
    I tried on Sweetie and now I know what it means to be "lemming" something!

    :) thanks for your great review!

  10. Thanks for a great review & recommendation! I was look for an exact dupe for mac sweetie and just a bit more pigmented n long lasting. Please let me know where can I purchase Gosh Lipstick in this shade Brand new, becoz got it from ebay as a brand new but it smells rancid & really old stock ie dirty & with out a box! Looking for purchasing this shade in USA from a retailer. Thanks so much:))

  11. @Anonymous: I think GOSH has a US website too. I'm not sure if you can purchase directly online, or view a list of retailers. That would be your best bet.


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