Boring Neutral Everyday FOTD with Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I had to get some photos taken for the University yearbook (which reminds me - since when did Universities have yearbooks, or is this just a UK thing?) on Wednesday. I decided to go with a boring neutral look because I am pretty boring when it comes to makeup colours, and because I figure it's always best to go with a neutral look if the pictures are going to be around for posterity...I don't want to be cringing at my dark blue smokey eye, copious amounts of bronzer and purple pastel lipstick 10 years down the road!

I know you can't really see any of my eye makeup, but that's partly because 1. I have small eyes, and 2. I didn't use much eye makeup, and 3. I wear glasses. Yes I'm such a dork I even wear glasses when I take a photo for my University yearbook! OMG A DORK POSTED AN FOTD! *Gasps* Darn nerds shouldn't post FOTDs with their ugly glasses! Ewwww! :P I did try taking a couple of pictures without glasses, but none of them turned out clear enough to post. (Stupid camera.)

Well, here's the darn nerd with ugly glasses:

And as always with FOTDs, here's a list of things used:

Benefit Creaseless Cream in Recess as a base
Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow SV821
Covergirl Lashblast mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Rockstar (outer lower lashline)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC20 (undereye area only)
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer NC20 (spot application on face)
Agnes B Radiant Loose Face Powder Lumiere D'aurore mixed with some CS Silica Powder
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Blushed Rose

(I know, I don't wear foundation. I personally prefer concealer with loose powder to set, but I'm weird like that.)

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lipgloss in Luminous

This is pretty much my daily routine, and as you can see it's a simple one. And sadly, it also features some favourite products that I'll never be able to get again, ever. Like the Agnes B Face Powder. I wish Agnes Bwould bring back their makeup line! That powder was my Holy Grail! It smelled like roses, which wasn't very nice, but it was finely milled, blendable, and didn't break me out. And I liked the yellow tint, which neutralized the redness in my face perfectly. But I'll never be able to get it again. I know there are other alternatives, T LeClerc and Bobbi Brown being two of them, but they're just not the same. T LeClerc is waaay too expensive for a loose powder, and the Bobbi Brown Pale Yellow Loose Powder just isn't finely milled enough - I once tried it, and it just looked chalky compared to the Agnes B powder.

Another product I'll never see again is my dear Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lipgloss in Luminous. A lot of nail bloggers like to say that Sally Hansen is a hoor, and we often say that because Sally Hansen often releases nail polish colours that are really hard to find or available in some countries only (say Canada or the USA), prompting people to go on a treasure hunt to get them. Well, I can tell you Sally is also a hoor when it comes to makeup. That Smile Brightening Lipgloss is my Holy Grail of lipglosses, and it's only available in the USA. Please Sally, if you bring them to the UK and Asia, I promise I'll be a good girl buy up every tube of Luminous I see, and you'll be able to turn a profit just from all the lipglosses I buy!


  1. LOL, I love your FOTD. No nerdishness comes through at all. :)

  2. Your skin looks flawless without foundation! I could never wear only concealer and powder and look like THAT.

  3. Awwww you look really pretty your glasses are cute xD

    I hate it when they discontinue things you haven't had the time/money to buy you're like running to Superdrugs/Boots waving your money then find out its no longer there. Then you die in the aisle

  4. YAY FOTD! I don't think you look nerdy or that your frames are ugly. They're cute and they suit you!

    & LOL. Dude, I wear glasses every day too, I just take my FOTDs before I put them on usually (and usually because I can't find them 'till the moment I'm out the door....)

  5. super cute -- perfect fotd for the yearbook :) and my school (usc) had a yearbook, too, so you're not in this alone!

  6. You look gorgeous. Very pretty and glowy, and perfect for a yearbook picture. That lipgloss is pretty; I pledge to buy some too! ;)

  7. A lovely FOTD. I especially like the lip colour. Can you see well enough to put on eye make up easily or do you have a 'sightless' method you could share?

  8. @Eva SB: Thanks! I'm actually quite near-sighted, but I can't do my eye makeup without looking in the mirror, so ultimately I just end up holding the mirror REALLY close to my face when putting on eye makeup! I don't have any special techniques, maybe other than using a mirror that is just the right size - it's small enough for me to hold up in my hand, but big enough to I can see my entire face in it :)

  9. Well I think your eyes look nicely defined :)

  10. jer!! (i dunno if i can say your full name here? please edit if i can't) im yujun, sher's friend!

    your skin looks good! so nice and pale unlike me :(


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